Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash is from the new MLP Friendship is Magic show and she’s a pretty popular character. She has many fans and that is likely because of her amazing abilities. She’s faster than you may suspect and she could likely give Sonic some competition. Sonic is fast, but I dare say that Rainbow Dash could outspeed just about anyone. She can fly as well so this gives her an edge over most speedsters. Rainbow Dash also became a Zapping superhero which helps her out as well. Rainbow Dash knows that true friendship is magic, but she also knows that she is very strong on her own as well. Many fans may believe that Goku and Superman could take Rainbow Dash down because she’s a pony, but Rainbow Dash is just as fierce as those two fighters and she could quickly take them down if she plays to her speed edge. Having super speed means that she’s excellent in close combat, but she can also make a quick escape to long range. Her opponents better beware!

Her main forms


Her Record

W One Above All
L Bly
W Lubba
W Nemo
W Spongebob

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