Colossal Titan vs Link

The Colossal Titan is back, but he’s up against the Hero of Time! Link has dealt with all kinds of enemies and he has essentially become the perfect warrior. His Light Arrows will quickly deal a lot of damage to the Titan and then Link can finish things off with his Master Sword. A quick two and out for this powerful Titan, but he will be back very soon! Link wins.

7 thoughts on “Colossal Titan vs Link

  1. Link is not stronger than Kratos. Kratos has weapons made from Heaven, he could beat Link. Zelda’s savior may be strong, but can he defeat a guy who’s managed to dethrone God and Satan at the same time?!?! I don’t think so.

    • They’re both formidable opponents to be sure. That being said, Link has his God Deity Form where he’s also a God Slayer. In a close quarters combat, I have no doubt that it would be an excellent battle. Still, when the chips are down, Nintendo usually dethrones Sony

      • Besides, Kratos doesn’t have a triforce, so he couldn’t beat Ganondorf.
        Teaming up,though, I bet Kratos and Link could take down thousands of Titans.

      • Truly, they wouldn’t stop until the Titans were exterminated. No longer could they enslave the human race and run all of the Junior Highs!

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