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Misty vs Harpnote

RyuuseiNoRockman 28 - Radio Wave Crisis (Raw)
Harpnote may not be the strongest opponent in her universe, but she can still fight when the going gets tough. Whether it be through musical energy blasts or powerful strings, Harpnote can defend herself. That being said, Misty has the edge in this battle thanks to sheer numbers. Staryu and Starmie are already pretty threatening and when you add the raw power of Blastoise into the mix…things get hairy. Harpnote can outspeed most if not all of the Pokemon at Misty’s disposal, but her attack power is lacking and that’s hard to overcome. It would take a long time to knock out some of Misty’s fighters and Harpnote doesn’t have that kind of time. Misty wins.

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