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Godzilla vs Grimlock

Godzilla is back, but he won’t be able to defeat Grimlock. Grimlock has his flame sword and he has a lot of firepower at his disposal. Godzilla definitely isn’t lacking attack power, but Grimlock has the edge thanks to his speed. Grimlock is one of the stronger Dinobots and he may shock everyone with this victory. Grimlock wins.

14 thoughts on “Godzilla vs Grimlock”

  1. Bad logic. First according to that picture, that is Final Wars Godzilla. Second, even if size doesn’t matter, Final Wars Godzilla’s atomic breath is extremely powerful and incredibly OP. Possibly the strongest of all. Third, Optimus slapped the f@$& out of Grimlock. Fourth, if this was Burning Godzilla, Grimlock goes down hard because of what Burning GZ(Godzilla) could do.

    1. Final Wars Godzilla is too slow. All of the power in the world can’t save you if you just can’t hit the opponent. That’s really the main problem that Godzilla’s facing here and it’s not an issue that will go away too easily.

      1. Have you seen what FW Godzilla did in his fight with Rodan, Anguirus, and King Ceasar? He was speed walking when Anguirus was about to go out on him. He was also fast enough to react to Zilla and use his tail to hit him on the Sydney Opera House.

      2. That’s good enough to deal with other Kaiju, but taking on a Dinobot is a completely different ballgame. Despite his size, Grimlock’s speed actually isn’t half bad. Seriously, this guy plays for keeps and he even has a flame sword to deal massive damage with

      1. And what if this is FW Godzilla who later recieves that energy power up at the end of the movie? Grimlock would be dead if he got hit by the red spiral ray.

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