Ryoko Asakura vs Ryoko Hakubi

It’s a double debut with both Ryoko characters entering the blog! Ryoko Asakura is a skilled fighter at long range as she can throw dozens of knives in an instant while dashing around with her super speed. She shouldn’t be underestimated in close combat either as long as she has her twin blades. That being said, Ryoko Hakubi takes the win in this round. Hakubi can fly, shoot very large energy blasts, and she is much faster. Ryoko Hakubi takes the victory in her first fight on the blog! Ryoko Hakubi wins.

2 thoughts on “Ryoko Asakura vs Ryoko Hakubi

  1. Ryoko Asakura doesn’t get to manipulate space and organic lifeforms? No forcefields or paralysis? Just twin blades? Do you know about each of these characters, or did you research them only briefly?

    • Sure, Asakura has those abilities; I just didn’t note them. Her barrier would quickly be overwhelmed by Hakubi’s powerful energy blasts and her paralysis would be ineffective. Manipulating space wouldn’t help her in this case as her augmented abilities still aren’t a match for Hakubi. I didn’t know either of them personally, but I made sure to do complete research on both characters and I picked Hakubi in a landslide by the end. (Although it was close until I saw Hakubi’s full power)

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