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Thomas vs Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow hasn’t been doing well on the blog and I don’t expect that to change as he goes up against Thomas! Thomas is very experienced at using Digimon in combat and his skills should not be underestimated. He could easily defeat Jack Sparrow in a hand to hand fight and I believe that Thomas has the Will to Win. He could also just have his Digimon partner knock Jack out. Thomas wins.


2 thoughts on “Thomas vs Jack Sparrow”

  1. First of all, It’s “Captain” Jack Sparrow, and secondly, Captain Jack Sparrow gets invincibility/immortality because of the cursed gold from the first movie. Also he is one of the most clever characters I’ve seen.

    1. I’ve never liked Jack. He’s one of my least favorite main characters from a film because he betrays his friends and I don’t like any of his jokes. He usually just stays alive through luck. Immortality is good, but just look at the zombies. Thomas would use his Digimon to melt him and then he couldn’t regenerate

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