Bujingai The Forsaken City Stats and Records

My stats in the game.

Overall Beginner
Gameplay Rank C
Play Time 3h 50m
Orbs Collected 3956
Continues 8
Completion Count 1

Stage Stats

Stage 1 Intermediate
Consecutive Hits 62
Action Points 418
Damage from Enemies 204
Completion Time 9m 41s
Orbs 87

Stage 2 Intermediate
Consecutive Hits 61
Action Points 582
Damage from Enemies 1453
Completion Time 24m 32s
Orbs 457

Stage 3 Intermediate
Consecutive Hits 66
Action Points 838
Damage from Enemies 1640
Completion Time 10m 23s
Orbs 230

Stage 4 Beginner
Consecutive Hits 50
Action Points 1097
Damage from Enemies 1996
Completion Time 12m 54s
Orbs 173

Stage 5 Beginner
Consecutive Hits 52
Action Points 3135
Damage from Enemies 9333
Completion Time 42m 53s
Orbs 584

Stage 6 Intermediate
Consecutive Hits 166
Action Points 608
Damage from Enemies 1247
Completion Time 10m 31s
Orbs 22

Stage 7 Beginner
Consecutive Hits 73
Action Points 3429
Damage from Enemies 7692
Completion Time 45m 38s
Orbs 1103

Stage 8 Intermediate
Consecutive Hits 19
Action Points 473
Damage from Enemies 202
Completion Time 1m 52s
Orbs 0

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