Toshiki Kai vs Jaden

Kai is back after his big victory over Yuma. Unfortunately, the gap between Jaden and Yuma is like night and day. Jaden’s Elemental Heroes will be able to take out many of Kai’s monsters and Neos can definitely hold his own as well. Jaden is a much better fighter than Yuma as well and he could definitely take Kai down in a hand to hand fight. It’s no stretch to say that Jaden is the strongest Yugioh protagonist and he doesn’t go down very easily. Kai could not win this time, but I’m sure that he’ll be back. Jaden wins.

14 thoughts on “Toshiki Kai vs Jaden

  1. Should jaden try to attack Kai’s vanguard he can easily intercept, guard, and if it’s a strong attack he can perfect gaurd. If his vangaurd ever takes damage he do a damage check and draw a heal trigger. Kai can go on the offensive and and attack jaden head on with Dragonic Overlord with a boost and do a twin drive and get 2 criticals. No amount of trap, spell, or attack cards Jaden has he will not win.

    • Well, some of those tactics wouldn’t work quite as well on the battle field. For example, Kai would need a very powerful intercept to stop someone like Neos. Jaden also has his fan, which can blow away attacks and many spell cards that he can power up his monsters with. A heal trigger can be interesting as well, but Kai will already be on the run to evade Jaden’s attacks. His Dragonic Overlord The End will definitely be a tough opponent for Jaden to topple, but his Flame Wingman and Neos should be able to give him a good run for his money. If they can’t succeed, then it’s time to call in Yubel as clean up!

  2. Neos attack power is less than 10,000. All grade 0s have a defense of 10,000. The attack won’t go through. Kai doesn’t need Spell cards. He can boost his cards with grade 0s and 1s and triggers. Elemental Hero Wingman has an attack power of 2,100. None of his attacks will go through. Jaden will need several spell cards to boost his cards but even then it won’t be enough.

    • Power levels aren’t directly transferable though. Once the continuity has switched, then it’s a different ball game. It’s like how the CP9 members in One Piece only had power levels of around 4000, but they could still take on the Egyptian God Cards. Neos could definitely take out most of Kai’s monsters in a 1 on 1 fight. Plus, he wouldn’t stop after destroying one like in the TV show. Since this is a real battle, Neos would keep on going until he’s defeated. Another thing to consider is that Jaden has more monsters at his disposal than Kai. I don’t believe that it is even that close, but it’s possible. Jaden switched through his decks quite a few times and Kai has done the same thing. It’ll definitely be interesting, but I’d say that Jaden has the edge.

  3. No character in One Piece has a power level because the characters don’t go by power levels. And if the cards can keep going even after attacking once then Kai’s perfect guards will be up at all times. Nullifying every attack. Yugioh monsters just don’t stack up against Vanguard cards.

    • One Piece brought them up during the early part of the CP9 arc. They rated each of the members and I believe that Kaku was at around 4000. Kai’s perfect guards will be up, but the Yugioh monsters can smash right through them. They will be enough to stop some monsters, but they’ll be overwhelmed by others. Remember that the perfect guards are typically grade 1 monsters so they definitely aren’t very powerful. Vanguard typically has stronger monsters, but the top tier Yugioh cards beat the top tier Vanguard ones.

  4. Perfect Guard cards aren’t meant to attack which is why they have a low attack power. Nothing goes through a perfect gaurd. No matter how strong the attack or how many boosts or skills are used. It’s called a Perfect Gaurd for a reason.

    • That’s only true in Cardfight world and when the enemies abide by their rules. Composite gets rid of such limits. It’s like how the Master Sword is unbreakable against evil. Frieza could still snap it. So, a Perfect Guard wouldn’t be completely unstoppable in a real match. A solid opponent would still be able to break through it.

  5. Nobody, not frieza, Vegeta, Cell, or Goku can snap the master sword. It’s completely indestructible. The only way to counter a prefect guard is to use a card with the ability to retire a card. The definition of composite is to be made up of distinct components. That does not mean that there aren’t any limits.

    • The Master Sword is strong, but they would definitely have enough power to snap it. There’s nobody in the Legend of Zelda universe who’s even close to those guys in terms of raw power, which is why it’s never been broken. I’d say that the definition of composite in relation to the blog is more that everything has to be looked at very carefully. It’s like how drawing Exodia in the card game gives you an instant win, while it will only buy you a little extra time in a fight. There definitely are limits to every item and to every character. (Except for Bass since he is basically invincible) Any statement that has no limits in a series is quickly dragged back down to reality on the blog.

  6. First off, you never look into anything carefully.
    Second, you just changed the definition of composite.
    If you brought anything from fiction into reality that’ll render them useless. The master sword isn’t just a regular steel sword. It’s a divine and indestructible weapon forged by gods. You can’t break it.

    • I gotta disagree with that initial statement. I always look into every angle. It’s like a Cheese Calzone. One simply does not eat it in one bite. It’s a gradual process that is only completed through precision and timing. That’s why they call it the Cheese Calzone after all. If we’re getting personal, I gotta admit that I like Pepperoni in my calzones.

      Next, the definition of composite that you used was way too literal. You’re talking about it as a word, but we’re talking about it on the blog. That’s essentially what composite does. It allows you to use any weapon that you’ve ever had and you have access to all forms. That’s pretty much how it’s always worked on the blog.

      It’s not as if I’m bringing them into reality, but quantifying them. Nothing is indestructible and Kratos has defeated gods. Some gods are more impressive than others in media. The Master Sword is strong, but it’s still a form of steel and it can definitely be shattered by someone as powerful as a Z fighter.

  7. It’s called a cheese calzone because it has cheese and in all Latin languages calzone translates to underwear which is what it looks like.

    And yes I used the literal definition of composite. You changed it’s definition. Hell, you could have made pizza the term for the blog.

    The master sword is not a form of steel. It is made from another type of material. Goku has the power pole which looks like a normal red, wooden staff, but it’s not. It’s an indestructible, magic staff made from an unearthly material.

    • Lol, it just looks epic to me. I can’t say that it looks like underwear. The Master Sword is still made from an element and all elements can be vaporized or destroyed. Trust me, the Power Pole and the Master Sword can be destroyed. Just look at Captain America’s shield. Even the trading cards can be ripped by a strong enough opponent.

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