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Batman vs Danny Darrow

Danny Darrow is the next opponent to go up against Batman and he won’t fare any better than the last few opponents! Batman is too experienced to fall for any of Danny’s tricks and it’s clear who has the edge in a hand to hand battle. Danny Darrow is simply out of luck here and he’s just going to have to accept the loss. Batman wins.

66 thoughts on “Batman vs Danny Darrow”

  1. danny darrow in your blog is the crusader to save the world with a lot of love, while batman goes after all the vilians. i hope i’m correct.

      1. danny darrow is the savior of the world on his record jacket picture,doomsday, and will never get wrecked, neither will batman. they both come out at night, batman the billionaire and danny the ultimate entertainer who turns into the king martian to save the world . they belong together.

      2. When Danny Darrow comes out as the great martian with his laser vision and mind control to project all his love and protect the world batman would never stand a chance against him in hand to hand combat. I also agree, they should stand together to cure the world of all evil and distruction . Love your blog. Good luck.

      3. They see him as just a detective, they see him as powerless, surprise when they find a warrior inside. Batman is one of the strongest w prep time

  2. batman appears to be the villain and attacking many of the good and not the bad. danny darrow with the picture posted is the martian to save this planet. your outcome should be reversed in your story. i think instead of losing they should join forces to save the world from planet X and all the evil

    1. No teamups though. Heroes always like to fight other heroes for no real reason and then Danny would just be out of luck. He doesn’t have Batman’s mastery of hand to hand combat

      1. Danny Darrow has more then Batman. He is completely spiritual and can move the world and anything else with his mind and all his inner and cosmic powers. He can win battles just by projecting his inner thoughts.

    2. Batman may be strong but the inner powers of Danny Darrow are stronger with his laser eyes and mind control he can make you or brake you with one look.

  3. danny darrow and batman would be a great team. a martian that comes down from another planet tp join forces with a human to save the world might be a good story. danny darrow and batman may just click. interesting. the picture on the record jacket that i saw on your blog and batman looks great.

      1. Can you put the picture of Danny Darrow the Martian King up again so we can all see it, along side Batman, I think they
        could look great together as opponents and comrades . Thank you.

  4. We all love your blog and find it very exciting. Danny Darrow and Batman are two favorites of ours so keep the stories going. Thank You

  5. Hello, read all the replies and don”t know what prep time means. Please clarify. If Danny Darrow and batman join forces they can make their plans together to keep this world safe. I think it would be a great team and full of a lot of surprises.

      1. Hello, just heard about your blog and read it. We all love it, it’s great ! This could be a great movie script. Just heard Danny Darrow”s Doomsday record. It”s wonderful with the picture on the cover. Idea..Danny and Batman are fighting to see who is the best when they discover they are fighting for the same cause, to save the planet and rid the world of all evil. They never had a Martian King from another planet and Batman together it could be very interesting. That’s better than what are current administration is doing at present. Keep the story coming . Will keep reading. .

      2. Batman is physical and Danny is spiritual. I don’t think Batman has a chance and when he finds out they should join forces. They need each other just like our world needs other countries to join forces against our enemies. Power and strength go together to form a solid platform.

  6. We all enjoy reading this story and all these comments from people with Danny and Batman. It sounds like it could be a great movie.

    1. Why did they add Marshmallows to Frosted Flakes? The cereal is already made with sugar so now it also has it on top? I don’t like where they went with that cereal

  7. After the battle between the two super powers Batman and Danny Darrow as the king Martian to see who is the strongest, they should team up to save the world so they can keep this planet safe so we can all live in peace. Great blog, very enjoyable, keep the story going. Hoping your blog will help our world today. Thanks

      1. When Batman teams up with Danny Darrow he should be rewarded. The duo would be unstoppable and unbeatable.

      2. The reward would be to live in peace with Batman and Danny Protecting all of us from all the evils of the world.

  8. Love your blog and all the pictures. Story of Batman and Danny Darrow is great. Keep them coming so i can keep reading. Best Wishes

  9. Great story, Love reading it. Batman and Danny would be wonderful together. Love your pictures and love your blog. The great Batman with the great Danny Darrow. Very entertaining . Keep writing. Thank You.

  10. just heard about your blog. sounds great love the story line between batman and danny darrow can’t wait to read more also your pictures are wonderful .

  11. Just heard about your blog with Danny Darrow and Batman. Love it ! It could be a great movie script . I think everyone would love to see it , Like the Marvel Comic stories, but this is different, Batman with Danny Darrow the king martian from outer space comes to save our world, it,s great !!! Danny is one of our favorites and so is Batman. Very exciting

      1. Just read your blog. The world is changing with new war fare, Batman”s powers will soon be gone and the only hope for our future would be Danny, the martian king to help save us. That”s why we need them both to join forces . Batman knows where to find our enemies, while Danny and his martian armies can come down to earth and clean them out to save our planet so we can all live in peace. Just think, If all life on other planets connected with us, to live in peace, I think we would have a great universe. Could it happen,??? I wonder. Thanks for your wonderful blog and story with Danny Darrow and Batman Love them both.

      2. I remember the first time I saw RWBY. It was hype, it was emotional. Most of all, it had hype action scenes. If Batman and Darrow ever fought each other, they’d have to keep thinking to themselves, what would Ruby do?

      3. Just read your blog between Batman and Danny Darrow. I’ve been following Danny Darrow for years and think he is one of the great entertainers of all time. So now he hides behind that and comes out as the great super power to help Batman save the world. Batman’s powers are fading as years pass and there is know one else who can save our planet except Danny, the Great Martian with his armies , We must distroy planet X and Isis to save our world and Danny is the only one left to do it. Great blog, love it, keep the story going. Very enjoyable. Thank you.

  12. Regarding Danny Darrow and Batman. Danny, the detective, the entertainer and the Martian King
    with his armies comes out to join Batman to save this planet is your Sonic Force. Just heard Danny’s recording of Doomsday , with his Martian picture on the cover and it fits this story perfectly.

  13. Hello, just read your blog, Story is wonderful. We wound like to see the picture of the martian King Danny Darrow. Thank you.

  14. Hi, just read your blog. We’ve been following Danny Darrow’s TV shows and Batman’s stories for years and love them both. Great story. Will keep reading. Thank You.

  15. Hello, Your story of Batman and Danny Darrow is great. Batman appears to be the bad guy by his picture and Danny appears to be the good guy . There is no picture of Danny. Story is unbalanced. Please correct. Thank you.

      1. Just read your blog. It’s great. Story line is great. Would love to see the picture of the great martian, Danny Darrow. Keep writing.

  16. Sorry, I was under the impression that Danny Darrow turns into the martian king to save the world and joins forces with Batman after reading your story. Would like to see them side by side as partners.

  17. Just heard about your story with Danny Darrow and Batman and heard Danny’s record “Doomsday” and saw his picture on the cover as the Martian King. It’s Great. What’s going on with your story. I enjoyed reading it but does it continue. You should make it into a movie. Please reply . Thank You.

  18. Hello., Just read your blog for the first time. I love it, especially the story with Danny Darrow and Batman . Everyone knows them both so it’s interesting reading . Your artwork is wonderful and your story line is great.

    1. love your story about Danny Darrow and Batman. This would be great team up . Keep this story going, it’s wonderful.

  19. What happened to Danny Darrow and Batman ? Did they team up together ? In your story, they were a perfect match to fight the woes of the world. Your story is great and very enjoyable. Want to here more. Danny Darrow is a favorite of ours and so is Batman. Thank you.

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