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Jurassic Strike Force 5 Review

The dinosaurs are back and now they’re agents? The cover certainly looked very intense and you may get ready for some big brawls upon seeing it. Well, you should be aware of the fact that the cover is rather misleading. This seems to be more of a comedy than a serious action so the main characters never look that grim. Of course, this approach can still work if handled right.

The plot seems to be that two dinosaurs have become cops and they must take down all of the villains who interfere. There may have been some exposition, but we haven’t really learned about why things are the way that they are. If the comic is as bold as Sonic The Hedgehog, then they won’t need to worry about this. If not, they’ll likely give us some kind of origin story later on. Regardless, we don’t need backstory so long as we have an engaging plot.

The villain appears to be a parody of Cobra Commander and the other big villains from the 80’s. He seems decent so far, but I’ll have to see more of him to determine whether he has the stuffing necessary to take the win here. The main dinosaurs aren’t great so far, but we are fairly early into the series. They are decently tough and do manage to save the day, but they don’t strike you as heroes who are very prepared to fight and I have a feeling that the first big villain will be able to crush them with ease.

The art is certainly very good and it is one of the main reasons why the issue is fun. This kind of series certainly needs good art as it makes the fight scenes more fun even if they aren’t played very seriously. This issue does a decently good job of making your interested in reading the series. I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to picking up a trade if I ever saw it in the library. Like I said, it is early so I’m not sure if the actual series will be good, but I have some hopes for it.

I think that the blend of comedy and action could work for this series like it does for Sonic and Mega Man. The critical part is just making sure that the characters are likable as no series can stand up without that. I don’t really care for the two dinosaurs yet. They aren’t bad, but they just aren’t good either. I’d say that calling them generic at the moment is fair enough.

Overall, Jurassic Strike Force 5 seems like it has the potential to be a really fun comic. We’ll really just have to see where it goes and I don’t picture it being a really long running series either so they will need to introduce the rest of the cast quickly. Who is the leader of the Strike Force and why are dinosaurs needed? These questions and more should be answered, but in an interesting way and not necessarily through flashbacks. Flashbacks can be good, but they must be handled very delicately or they will destroy the pacing of the comic. On the bright side, their taste in food is quite good.

Overall 7/10

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