Mammoth (DC) vs Colossus

Mammoth (DC) has a decent amount of super strength, but he’s nowhere near Colossus level. Colossus has the edge in raw power and that’s before his Phoenix power up. Mammoth is no weakling, but I’ve never considered him to be much of a power hitter. He wasn’t very impressive in the Teen Titans show and I have a feeling that the comics wouldn’t change my mind either. Still, Mammoth has made his way onto the blog and you never know what can happen from there! Colossus wins.

7 thoughts on “Mammoth (DC) vs Colossus

  1. Because of the way you judge these battles, I agree that Collossus would win since he has the Phoenix Force amping up his power. However if the fight was just the two in standard utility, I feel like Mammoth would win. We’ve seen Mammoth crush metal before so while Colossus is tough I feel like Mammoth’s strength is just surperior

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