Pachirisu vs Pikachu

Pachirisu is a powerful Thunder Pokemon and was effectively one of the many Pikachu ripoffs that was created. It makes sense that the Pokemon games would want to recreate the success of its most powerful Pokemon, but copies can never beat the original. Pikachu’s easily got the combat edge here as he is faster and stronger. A good Volt Tackle should be enough to win this match. Pikachu wins.

10 thoughts on “Pachirisu vs Pikachu

      • Yeah, Ash’s Pikachu is really why I have such a high opinion of him. In the films he was even able to block blasts from several Legendary Pokemon at once. (Hoopa film) That was with a single Thunder Bolt, he’s so powerful in the anime that it’s scary!

      • Sadly they’ve been up and down so I can’t say that they were all great, but the latest ones are still typically fun if nothing else. I’m a big Ash fan so seeing him tackle new foes is always neat. If there’s any new film that I’d highly recommend, it’s the Genesect one. I’d actually say that it’s the best movie in the franchise and the action scenes are like DBZ with epic speed blitzes and city destruction!

      • I kinda feel like the anime just needs a reboot and get a new protagonist. I know this would never happen and this devision would be highly controversial, but I kinda want the current anime to end in a moviw where he finally wins the pokemon league and Pikachu becomes a Raichu. Than start over with a new protagonist!

      • I do want him to finally win the Pokemon League, but no Raichu! D: I never liked that Pokemon to be honest, he represents everything I typically don’t like in a fighter. Tough and buff rather than streamlined and fast. Granted, being tough and well built is good sometimes like Toriko, Hulk, etc, but I prefer a fighter more like Superman. Still lean and very quick despite his power. I like Ash a bunch so I’m not sure about a reboot, but a completely separate series with a new protagonist would definitely be a blast.

      • I know the anime definitely isn’t for everyone. A lot of people also stopped watching it after a while. The fights are just so good though and I still think Ash is one of the cooler leads. He’s always ready to make the clutch play in the end, even if he hasn’t won the full league yet

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