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Cloud vs Noctis

Noctis is going to be the main character of the upcoming Final Fantasy XV game. It’s safe to say that his powers will be quite formidable and he will likely gain the usual array of magical abilities that the lead fighter usually possesses. That being said, it’s hard to picture him being able to keep up with Cloud’s speed. In Advent Children, Cloud was able to keep up with 3 different opponents at once and all of them possessed varying degrees of super speed. Maybe he’ll wind up surprising me, but while Noctis may be one of the strongest protagonists yet, he won’t end up being The strongest. Cloud wins.

11 thoughts on “Cloud vs Noctis”

  1. I say noctis because not only is he able to teleport and is extremly fast he fought and beat GODS sure cloud is fast and strong but noctis also became so strong he was able to gain the power of 4 gods and he withstood being rampage by angry kings of the past and was strong enough to stop a punch of a GIANT NAKED ROCK GOD

    1. Noctis is definitely super impressive, but Cloud has always been the strongest FF protagonist. He handles multiple opponents at once and his destructive power is amazing

    1. Absolutely. That film put him on the map and now the only FF protagonist who can even hold her own against him would have to be Lightning. Cloud was just crazy strong

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