FCBD 2016 Civil War II Review

It’s time to jump ahead a little with the FCBD reviews to the big Marvel one. Civil War II is getting a lot of buzz from Marvel as Bendis is trying to help the event become one of the biggest of all time. It’s going to be tough, but I don’t mind the concept. Seeing the heroes be forced to choose sides once more should be entertaining even if the whole thing is a little forced. We’ve definitely had characters who could see the future in the past, but the moral debate should still be pretty interesting.

In the main story, a heavily nerfed Thanos arrives and fights the Avengers. War Machine and Captain Marvel put up a fight, but they’re a little outgunned here and War Machine is critically injured…as always. The dialogue is fairly bad, but it tries to be epic. The Avengers thank the Inhumans since it is due to one of their members that the team knew about the upcoming threat. (Thanos) The issue essentially ends with Captain Marvel in hysterics over what happened to War Machine.

The art was very good and I was glad to see a good fight involved, but Thanos is severely downgraded here. Most of the attacks that were being fired at him should not have done any damage and he didn’t seem to have any strategy in the fight as he just tried to throw a lot of punches or blasts. I dunno, he felt off here. The other thing that felt very off was Captain Marvel’s reaction. She’s a seasoned veteran, but you’d think that she was a cadet straight out of training by how she reacted to War Machine’s injury. If you get that hysterical over an injury, then you’d best keep the romance off the team. The whole scene with her telling Black Panther to turn around so he could ignore them being together was very bad as well. The team was on a mission before War Machine had to show up so let’s keep it professional! Captain Marvel and War Machine looked terrible in that scene. Not the greatest way to start hyping up Civil War II.

In the backup story, we got a glimpse of the new Wasp. She learns that Henry Pym is dead so that means she can now pilfer through his life’s work without permission. She steals the Wasp/Ant-Man suit designs and alters it a bit to make hers. Then she steals the rest of Pym’s stuff so that she can start her crime fighting career. She plans to start it off with a bang by taking down the Avengers so that she can prove her stuff. Vision’s her first victim and that’s the cliffhanger. The art is pretty good like with the main story, but Wasp doesn’t come across as a very likable character. Quite the opposite in fact, she is certainly no hero since she is acting like a thief and taking down the Avengers is a fairly nonsensical plan. I don’t mind having a new Wasp though, but she is going to have to work hard to end up being a likable character.

Still, Civil War II should be fairly good in theory. Hopefully it is a fairly long event though because with so many heroes in the universe now, I want to see as many of them as possible take part in the debate. The series has to introduce the debate a little more as well though so there is plenty of time. I doubt this event will end up defeating Civil War to be honest, but I like to think that it will still be great and that the comparison can be made without being a blowout. The writing will have to improve a little bit though or else the characters are all just going to come off as amateurs who don’t comprehend the situation.

Overall 7/10

5 thoughts on “FCBD 2016 Civil War II Review

    • Well, the ironic thing is that this comic doesn’t even mention what the war is about at all. Too much time is spent on setting up the situation imo. From what I’ve heard, it all revolves around the new guy (Ullysis?) and his ability to see the future. It’s the classic question of “Can you arrest a person because you know that he/she will commit a crime in the future?” Half of the Marvel Universe says yes and joins Captain Marvel’s side and the other half joins Iron Man’s side that you’re innocent until the crime actually occurs. There are probably more nuances to the whole debate here though. I’d probably be on Iron Man’s side here since it would be hard to trust the future visions since we have to take that guy’s word for it.

      • Huh, alrighty. This just feel too forced to me. If I hear it’s good than I might check it out but otherwise I probably won’t bother.

        And why Captain Marvel?

      • It’s another forced thing. She apparently hooked up with War Machine at some point and they’re so crazy about each other that they can’t hide it even when on a mission which leads to some terrible scenes or just telling the teammates not to look as they kiss. During the fight, War Machine very ignorantly flies straight towards Thanos and naturally gets punched through the chest. (She Hulk is also in critical danger at the end of the fight, but Captain Marvel ignores her in place of War Machine) Then Captain Marvel cries and cries with hysteria as she yells for some medics. I’m guessing that this is why she is going to want to hunt down all of the criminals before they commit any crimes so that she can prevent anyone from ever getting injured like this again. Spider-Man is semi confirmed to be on her side by the way so it should be intriguing. I’m hoping that it’s good.


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