Kil’jaeden vs Link

Suggested by Random Kil’jaeden has made his debut onto the blog with this fight! He is a powerful villain from the Warcraft franchise who can alter his size for combat. This is a good skill to have, but it’s hardly enough to frighten Link. Link’s taken on dozens of would be conquerors and foes who threatened the entire planet. Link has stopped every last one of them with his bombs and Light Arrows. Kil’jaeden will be no different as he’ll have a tough time landing any meaningful blows through Link’s shield and a few good light arrows will have taken him out. Link wins.

2 thoughts on “Kil’jaeden vs Link

  1. You do realize that Kil’Jaeden can and will nuke the country he is on with a giant meteor while hiding in another dimension? I don’t see how his shield can stop a meteor of that power. Link loses given this demon’s tactics.

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