Deadshot vs Davis

This is a tribute to Suicide Squad as well as to Digimon Diaboromon Strikes Back. Deadshot definitely isn’t my kind of character and the film can try to make his cause as sympathetic as possible…it’s just not going to work. Meanwhile, Davis looked good in the Digimon film as he raced across town to save the day and kept up his competitive spirit. It’s clear who the better character is here…as well as who the stronger one is. Davis wins.


2 thoughts on “Deadshot vs Davis

  1. Now, I’m not a fan of Digimon at all, but before Davis gets into super-speed mode, what’s to stop Deadshot from shooting him in the head? Since bullets possibly travel faster than the words needed to summon a Digimon, I think Davis has a good chance of being dead or paralyzed before he can summon a Digimon. Also, what could compel Deadshot to kill a kid?

    • Well, for the start of the match I assume that both fighters are already at their best. That means that Davis has his Mega already at the ready so Deadshot can’t go for a quick win like that. I agree that Deadshot would hopefully not stoop to such levels so he would have to get Davis to admit defeat without destroying him I suppose. It doesn’t really affect the match, but you can also just assume that they are both going all out from the get go even if it’s a bit out of character.

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