Saint Seiya Soldier’s Soul Stats and Records

Stats time!

PS3 Trophy% 23%
Play Time 13h 8m
Collection 46%
Gold 39570
Characters Unlocked 66/72
Challenges Cleared 66/110
S Ranks 40/49
Battle of Gold Win Rate 79%
Survival Challenges Cleared 25
High Score 23100
Galaxy War Bronze Cup Victories 2
Total Cosmo 769672
Costumes 90/144
Titles 196/435
Assist Phrases 50/169
Record 170-3
Regular Hits 2924
Strong Hits 427
Long Range Hits 54
Guards 505
Guard Breaks 30
Break Falls 90
Throws 144
Throw Escapes 1
Burst Dashes 0
Burst Hits 0
Cosmo Charges 61
Special Moves 620
Lightspeed Moves 148
Seventh Sense Awakenings 0
Big Bang Attack Hits 50


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