My First Ever Blog Tournament!

After a lot of requests and demand for it, I’ve finally decided to do a blog tournament! The main obstacle to doing one until now was that I had to make sure the characters hadn’t fought before. Clearly, this rules out a lot of popular fights like having Superman and Thor in the same bracket since they have already battled. To prevent that from happening, I had to ensure that none of the contestants in the ring had ever fought each other before. I just grabbed people who had no wins as this was the easiest way to get started, but I’ll try and think of different themes for future events or just grabbing characters from other areas. Underrated fighters? Fire type fighters? The sky is the limit. Each tournament will probably get a brief introduction post like this one to set the stage and get the hype going. To prevent any real biases, I’ll be using randomized seedings to ensure that the matchups are completely random.

We’ll see how this does and I’ll probably tweak the intro post style here and there. I do like my style points after all.

Here’s the bracket for the first tourney and pictures of the fighters are below.


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