Goku vs Hit

Hit may have won his first round, but it’s time to remind the world who the strongest Dragon Ball character is. Goku cannot be defeated and his power continues to rise. He may face off against opponents who can temporarily hold their own and those who test his limits, but Goku is never surpassed. His Saiyan abilities are just unparalleled and with each new form he gets, the more everyone else is left in the dust. Hit is a cool villain though and it’ll be cool to see him stick around. Goku wins.


2 thoughts on “Goku vs Hit

  1. Stalemate!!!
    We don’t know enough about Hit’s capabilities to assume he is weaker.

    After all, much like Goku, Hit also has the ability to grow stronger and advance his technique over a period of time. He was capable of withstanding the strongest Kamehameha ever fired.
    He was a good addition to the character roster, especially considering how vast the Dragon Ball continuity has become.

    On a side note, Hit isn’t a villain. He’s a rival.
    Though he does plan to defeat Goku, he has developed a love for fighting. As such, the relationship between Goku and Hit is similar to the relationship between Goku and Beerus in the Battle of the Gods Movie (which was one of the best, if not THE best Dragon Ball movie ever made).

    • Eh….Goku wrecks guys like Hit for breakfast. Keep in mind that while Hit is good, Goku’s better. He’s a lot faster and stronger than Hit, not to mention more likable. I don’t want to take anything away from Hit, he’s a good warrior. That being said, he relies a lot on his time abilities while Goku has the Kamehameha wave. It decimates anything in its path and that includes Hit.

      I wasn’t a big fan of Battle of Gods. I loved it when I first saw it and even gave it a 9, but it had low replay value. It’s still a great film though, but I prefer Resurrection F since Goku was wrecking everyone during the film. He even got a lot more overconfident and aggressive which was pretty intense!

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