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Guts vs Warpath

Suggested by JHG Guts finally makes his debut onto the blog. He’s a skilled swordsman and has a lot of raw power. His speed is also pretty good. Like Guts, Warpath has enhanced physical abilities as well, but I’d say that he’s at a disadvantage here. He doesn’t have the same level of crazy endurance that Guts has and no legendary armor to help him out either. How I see it, Guts is just stronger and more prepared for a fight than Warpath. The twin blades that Warpath uses are nowhere near as useful as the large sword that Guts wields. Guts wins.

2 thoughts on “Guts vs Warpath”

  1. I think Warpath. He actually is stronger, being capable of carrying 75 tonnes and is durable enough to survive a hit from Hulk. And the knives he carries are made of Vibranium so I wouldn’t underestimate them. Still, I can live with your result.

    PS I’m BACK!

    1. Nice to have you back! Warpath is real strong, but Guts has lifted giants in the past and he has also speedblitzed opponents with easy. The 75 tons is definitely real impressive though and the knives would likely be able to cut through Guts’ armor. I’d say that the speed here is the deciding factor, but definitely a good fight. I had to think on this one for a while.

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