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Azathoth vs Natsu


Suggested by iKnowledge Azathoth is a powerful being whose abilities are almost beyond measuire. The average fighter couldn’t even hope to be on the same playing field as this guy. Still, Natsu isn’t your run of the mill fighter. With a single blast he can take down many fighters and he has a lot of durability. He doesn’t mind going for a long drawn out fight and he’ll take whatever he can get. Azathoth has no way to get around Natsu’s speed and that’s a real problem. Natsu wins.

2 thoughts on “Azathoth vs Natsu”

  1. I’Il vote for Azathoth. Cthulhu is a nice guy compared to Azathoth, and that’s because of the latter’s power. If Azathoth wakes, the whole universe ceases to exist in Lovecraft’s Universe. If he wakes up and sees this insignificant mortal trying to attack him, the above happens. I look forward to the rest of your battles for me.

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