John Constantine vs HIM

Suggested by iKnowledge John Constantine is a skilled magic user, but one who isn’t quite as powerful as the heavy weights like Dr. Fate or Strange. He’s given a lot of cred since the guy knows the rules and can adapt to magic really quickly, but I wouldn’t want to have him around in a fight. HIM is a demon so John is in his area of expertise, but he’ll be too busy dodging lasers and trying not to get squashed to really do anything about the situation. He’s just outmatched in this fight and I don’t think he’ll be able to get on the offensive. HIM wins.


2 thoughts on “John Constantine vs HIM

  1. Nice battle. I’ll try to keep any PPG characters out of battles until you own the whole series, or watch it.

    I think John Constantine has a chance, even if I’m not one to sneeze at HIM’s abilities. John Constantine has outwitted demons and devils of a much more powerful and darker universe than the PPG. HIM only won in the Riddles episode because of a technicality, and is implied to only let the girls beat him physically because of his toying with them.

    Just my two cents.

    • Thanks! Constantine definitely has a chance, but the problem is that I don’t think he would have a good chance at outwitting HIM since he’s so cunning. Defeating the demon head on will be his only option and Constantine’s never been the best fighter. He always has a trick up his sleeve though

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