John Constantine vs HIM

Suggested by iKnowledge John Constantine is a skilled magic user, but one who isn’t quite as powerful as the heavy weights like Dr. Fate or Strange. He’s given a lot of cred since the guy knows the rules and can adapt to magic really quickly, but I wouldn’t want to have him around in a fight. HIM is a demon so John is in his area of expertise, but he’ll be too busy dodging lasers and trying not to get squashed to really do anything about the situation. He’s just outmatched in this fight and I don’t think he’ll be able to get on the offensive. HIM wins.


Constantine vs Batman

Constantine may be pretty confident after he’s had a good smoke, but that doesn’t mean he can handle Batman. Batman’s taken down more villains over the years than most heroes can even dream of defeating. He’s mastered Superman’s abilities in the past and also used the GL Power Ring. Constantine just won’t be able to overcome this kind of power and he will be forced to take a loss here. Batman wins.

John Constantine vs Superman

This is a tribute to the Constantine film. John may have a lot of experience against supernatural threats, but so does the Man of Steel. Magic may have a fairly strong effect on the guy, but Superman can fight at long range as well. With his speed though, Superman doesn’t even need to worry about how he’ll fight John Constantine. One good hit from any distance will end the fight in a snap. John may have a lot of good mystical defenses, but they can only get him so far when he’s battling one of the strongest fighters out there. Superman wins.

John Constantine vs Gon

John Constantine is pretty tough and he’s one of those guys that you don’t want to mess with. It’s not widely known, but John even got his own film. That won’t be enough to stop Gon this time as Gon can use his Nen abilities to his advantage. Gon has the speed advantage on his side as well and that should be enough to end this with a win. Gon wins.