Funny Valentine vs Goku


Suggested by Random Funny Valentine may have a fairly unique name but that isn’t enough to stop someone like Goku. Goku has the powers of a Super Saiyan at his disposal which allows him to destroy worlds at will. His speed is enough to outmatch at least 99% of other characters in media so he won’t be getting hit unless he allows it. This is the power of Son Goku. Goku wins.


6 thoughts on “Funny Valentine vs Goku

  1. OK, you didn’t for an instant even seem to consider Funny Valentine’s powers. What if he brought in an alternate universe Goku? How would Goku get past Love Train? I’m not saying that the result isn’t correct, just that you only really talked about Goku and from this post I’m not confident you even really know anything about Funny Valentine

    • Well, it’s true that I made the summary before actually looking into Funny’s abilities, but I made sure to check them before publishing just in case. Funny bringing in an alternate Goku wouldn’t really work since that would be like calling for reinforcements. Creating a copy would be a different story but even then you can’t create one that is as powerful as the genuine article. Love Train just redirects bad luck right? It won’t help Funny survive the Solar System blowing up

      • Well yeah, it would sort of be calling in reinforcements, like a Pokemon trainer or something, but since it’s an actual power of his he could still pull it off. And while he doesn’t actually have control of the alt-universe people he can pull in, he could probably get the two Gokus to fight each other with little effort since Goku would love any chance to fight someone as strong as himself.

        Would Goku blow the solar system up to beat one guy? Of course not!

        My point is closer to the fact that your description didn’t talk at all about the abilities of one of the two characters, and thus didn’t display an awareness of the other character or the intention of providing a well reasoned opinion rather than just throwing Goku meaningless wins by saying “Yeah, Goku beats whoever this guy is”. Seems kinda one-sided

      • But since it’s not as if he created the copy it’s not the same as the Poke trainer. Pokemon Trainers can use the Pokemon they’ve caught because they now own them. They become more like weapons than allies. Valentine can call in other Gokus, but as you mentioned he would have to convince them to fight and that would just be a completely different match. At most you can argue that he calls in more versions of himself to help, but Goku would still be speedblitzing all of them.

        I mean, Goku is the 3rd strongest character in all of media so to an extent I do have a feeling that he will win every time, but I still do make sure to check out the opponent. It’s just that Goku’s basically in a league of his own at this point. Few can even force him to get serious in a fight

    • I mean, my point isn’t really to argue that Valentine would win, I think barring a few possible outcomes Goku probably would win. I’m more trying to argue that you appear to have written this summary without really appearing to have put any thought into one of the characters. It’s like doing a Batman vs Spiderman post and then saying Spiderman would win because he’s stronger and has Spider-sense whilst not saying anything about Batman other than something irrelevant like “Batman may dress like a bat, but that won’t be enough to stop Spiderman!”

      • That last line is definitely the sort of thing I have done to many fighters over the years. I agree that it’s best to write about both fighters though. Occasionally I forget or don’t think about the other fighter much, but usually that’s only in blowouts. In the case of something like Spidey vs Batman though, I think saying that Spiderman is stronger is talking about both of them at once since I’m also saying that Batman is weaker so then that’s a decent reason for the match to have the outcome that it does.

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