Tarzan vs Mowgli

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Suggested by Sonic Mowgli is a tough kid who is used to the tough life of the jungle. Even though his story is most famous for when he is a kid, he has grown up in some tales. That won’t be enough to stop Tarzan though. Tarzan has always been a very strong man whose body was refined by swinging through vines all day. He is simply stronger and more skilled than Mowgli. Tarzan wins.


9 thoughts on “Tarzan vs Mowgli

  1. I’ll take the man raised by Apes and star of serial novels, who’s teamed up with Batman and fought monsters not in Kipling’s work, for 1834.66 Polish Zlotys (That’s $500 in American Dollars and 425 Euros), Dreager!

  2. Okay okay but hear me out, Tarzan’s diet would have been made up mostly of leaves, roots, insects and bananas given that’s what he would have been taught to eat by the monkeys; meanwhile Mowgli would eat more meat with the wolves and would probably have more muscle because of that. So unless Tarzan ate a lot of bugs to get enough protein, Mowgli would definitely have more potential to grow stronger and win.

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