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Zeed Millenniummon vs Orochi

Suggested by Mehama Sadafa It’s time for a battle of heavyweights as the Digimon who is typically considered to be the strongest faces off against the strongest King of Fighters character. Still, there is a bit of a gap in ability here as Orochi just isn’t on the same plane of power as Zeed. Zeed Millenniummon could wipe him off the map with minimal effort. His energy blasts are too powerful and his speed isn’t half bad either. Orochi can survive a little while with his barriers and energy blasts that can be used on the defensive side, but I fear that he will only be delaying the inevitable. Zeed Millenniummon wins.

11 thoughts on “Zeed Millenniummon vs Orochi”

      1. Indeed. Two powerful characters from Digimon and KoF would make a really great match. I think that ZeedMillenniummon could even defeat the whole KoF verse. But, characters may give him some challenge like Rugal and Igniz but, still not many of them are strong enough to defeat Zeed.

      2. Indeed. It would be a great battle between two pretty strong characters from Digimon and KoF. There are a lot of powerful characters in both. Like Igniz, Rugal, Orochi, Saiki, Mukai, Magaki and others.. It would be interesting match if they fought Digimon. They could give some Digimon some challenge but, i don’t really think that there are many Digimon that KoF characters can defeat. ZeedMillenniummon would probably be a good match for whole KoF universe.

      3. Agreed, Zeed is just a big league above most other Digimon. Otherwise it’s usually a pretty balanced match with the verses. Orochi is also definitely high end for KoF but I think the ceiling is just lower for that universe as a whole

    1. True. There are a lot of strong Digimon, not undefeatable, some of them are really strong enough to defeat characters like Goku. Never underestimate Digimon, they are more stronger than you think.

      1. Well, to each their own. There are actually some super powerful characters too that might be enough to defeat a Digimon. But i think that Digimon could satisfy Goku in fight, because he likes strong opponents (it’s been a while since i watched the Dragon Ball series, so i don’t remember much about it).

      2. For sure, Goku would be glad to have strong Digimon to go up against. He’s always up for a fight and what’s more fun than facing off against new opponents?

      3. Yup, strong characters like Goku might enjoy having battles with other characters that are strong as well! I think that two strong characters, whoever they are, will have a lot of fun fighting each other, despite who wins.

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