Zeed Millenniummon vs Goku

Suggested by Anonymous Zeed Millenniummon has returned, but now he’s fighting the Saiyan of legend. Goku has attained many different forms over the years and his powers are basically absolute. I don’t think Zeed has a chance of keeping up with Goku at all and a single blast would destroy the Digimon. There are very few who can take on Goku, in fact there are probably less than 5 and that’s really crazy if you think about it. Goku wins.

Zeed Millenniummon vs Kang The Conqueror

Kang The Conqueror is definitely one of the strongest Avenger villains out there. He’s pretty underratted if anything as he doesn’t get to appear much lately, but his tech is the real deal. Meanwhile Zeed is an interesting case where he is known as one of the strongest Digimon of all time, but rarely gets a chance to fight so he hasn’t been able to really prove this. He has a lot of potential, but I don’t think he’ll have enough speed to get any good attacks in. Kang should be able to effectively wall him out and build up enough damage until he ends up claiming victory. Kang The Conqueror wins.

Zeed Millenniummon vs Orochi

Suggested by Mehama Sadafa It’s time for a battle of heavyweights as the Digimon who is typically considered to be the strongest faces off against the strongest King of Fighters character. Still, there is a bit of a gap in ability here as Orochi just isn’t on the same plane of power as Zeed. Zeed Millenniummon could wipe him off the map with minimal effort. His energy blasts are too powerful and his speed isn’t half bad either. Orochi can survive a little while with his barriers and energy blasts that can be used on the defensive side, but I fear that he will only be delaying the inevitable. Zeed Millenniummon wins.

Zeed Millenniummon vs Captain Kirk

Zeed Millenniummon is another fighter who really shouldn’t be in the winless category so this battle will definitely shoot him up the ranks. Captain Kirk has been taking a lot of losses already so one more won’t hurt. He’s nearing 100 battles on the blog and this is a grim reminder to the Captain that he cannot win every battle with a gun and his hand to hand skills. Zeed Millenniummon wins.

Zeed Millenniummon vs Arceus

A battle of High Above beings! Arceus and Zeed Millenniummon are widely known as the strongest creatures in their known dimensions. (Although Blaziken>>>Arceus and Shine Greymon>>>>Zeed Milleniummon but that’s another story) Zeed Millenniummon has a lot of power at this disposal, but his lack of speed will be his biggest weakness. He has attacks that can go a long way, but Arceus’ barriers will help to mitigate the damage and he would be able to speedblitz Zeed Millenniummon. The speed factor is definitely Arceus’ biggest advantage and it’s what will give him the win. Arceus wins.

Bass vs Zeed Millenniummon

Bass is back and he’s up against a digimon of immense power! Zeed Millenniummon is one of those beings that you don’t want to mess with for fear of what would happen if his limiters broke. Still, he can’t hope to keep up with Bass’s intense speed and power. Bass wins.