Zeed Millenniummon vs Goku

Suggested by Anonymous Zeed Millenniummon has returned, but now he’s fighting the Saiyan of legend. Goku has attained many different forms over the years and his powers are basically absolute. I don’t think Zeed has a chance of keeping up with Goku at all and a single blast would destroy the Digimon. There are very few who can take on Goku, in fact there are probably less than 5 and that’s really crazy if you think about it. Goku wins.

6 thoughts on “Zeed Millenniummon vs Goku

  1. Yeah, Goku’d probably win but Digimon are no pushovers, he’d probably enjoy fighting some strong ones. Heck, 2 Mega Digimon could satisfy Goku. I think ZeedMillenniummon can delete anything, but in a fight, he might not win easily without deleting his opponents.

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  2. OK, this outcome is so wrong it’s hilarious. ZeedMillenniummon can manipulate everything about Goku he has to. He can mind control him using Dark Spores, freeze time and thus Goku’s movements – invalidating speed, absorb Goku directly into him for a free power-up, hell he can even hurl Goku into a universe and collapse the whole thing with Goku in it. Remember this guy trashed 2 multiversal Gods with utter ease, and ruled the entirety of the Digimon World’s present/future (but not past, due to Ryo being there) instantly on Digivolution. Put bluntly, there’s not a single advantage Goku has over Zeed. This might as well be asking if a house cat can beat a lion. What Goku DOES have is a great sack of hyperbole written in the OP. I can tell you did not do enough research if you reached the verdict you did.

    But looking at this site’s past, I’m guessing that’s the point.

  3. “Probably less than 5 Digimon can take on Goku”. More like 100 AT LEAST HORRIBLY outclass Goku. And guess what? Zeed’s one of them. Zeed LITERALLY destroyed an INFINITE MULTIVERSE just by EXISTING. Has Goku done or survived that level of destruction? NO, NEVER. Not in a MILLION, BILLION, TRILLION years.

    • I can already tell you are heavily underestimating Goku here. He has the power as well as the speed to completely crush Zeed when it counts. Zeed doesn’t have enough speed to keep up here so Goku can just blast him away

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