Ken Ichijouji vs Arceus

Ken Ichijouji makes his debut on the blog with this fight. He’s a powerful Digimon tamer who started down the dark path, but eventually learned how to be a good guy. It’s a good thing too since he made for a terrible/unlikable villain. Arceus is a very powerful Pokemon who can theoretically stop any Pokemon attack, but the same can’t be said for Digital ones. Ken has access to Imperialdramon due to composite effects allowing fusions on his roster. Arceus is strong, but he’s not ready to take down this Mega and he would go down for the count. Ken Ichijouji wins.

Zeed Millenniummon vs Arceus

A battle of High Above beings! Arceus and Zeed Millenniummon are widely known as the strongest creatures in their known dimensions. (Although Blaziken>>>Arceus and Shine Greymon>>>>Zeed Milleniummon but that’s another story) Zeed Millenniummon has a lot of power at this disposal, but his lack of speed will be his biggest weakness. He has attacks that can go a long way, but Arceus’ barriers will help to mitigate the damage and he would be able to speedblitz Zeed Millenniummon. The speed factor is definitely Arceus’ biggest advantage and it’s what will give him the win. Arceus wins.

Arceus vs Hulk

Arceus is one of the stronger Pokemon out there and he’s more than a match for the Hulk. The Hulk is powerful, but he’s not very fast and I believe that Arceus could stay out of his range with ease. Arceus can block most attacks and his offensive capabilities are lethal. He just needs a few solid energy blasts to knock the fight out of the Hulk and then he will finish him. Arceus wins.

Arceus vs Yoda

Yoda makes his debut onto the blog with this match. He’s a very skilled warrior and is feared throughout the galaxy, but I don’t think he will be able to defeat Arceus. Arceus is legendary and he was actually able to take down the legendary Dialga and Palkia back in the day. That takes some serious skill! Arceus wins.

Giratina vs Arceus

Giratina is a tough pokemon, but we’ve seen what heppens when he tried to fight Arceus. Arceus is just far too powerful and can block techniques from all elements! Giratina is powerful, but I’m not sure he’ll be able to break the barriers in time to take down Arceus. (Even if he did Arceus has the speed advantage) Arceus wins.

Fanfic version below

Gemini Saga vs Arceus

Gemini Saga has enough power to take down many characters in a single shot, but the question is? Can he break through Arceus’s many barriers! He has one for each element! Arceus has also shown that he’s a pretty powerful pokemon on the offensive. This could get tricky for Gemini Saga, but as long as his speed and power are over Arceus’s he won’t lose. Gemini Saga wins.

Lazerman vs Arceus

Arceus is easily one of the stronger pokemon! With his barriers and destructive firepower defeating him is a tough achievement! Of course Lazerman’s pretty big and has some experience taking down tough foes. He is the 3rd most fought character on the blog after all! Arceus may have lost this battle, but he’ll be back. Lazerman wins.