Zeed Millenniummon vs Arceus

A battle of High Above beings! Arceus and Zeed Millenniummon are widely known as the strongest creatures in their known dimensions. (Although Blaziken>>>Arceus and Shine Greymon>>>>Zeed Milleniummon but that’s another story) Zeed Millenniummon has a lot of power at this disposal, but his lack of speed will be his biggest weakness. He has attacks that can go a long way, but Arceus’ barriers will help to mitigate the damage and he would be able to speedblitz Zeed Millenniummon. The speed factor is definitely Arceus’ biggest advantage and it’s what will give him the win. Arceus wins.

30 thoughts on “Zeed Millenniummon vs Arceus

    • I’ve always believed that Blaziken is one of the strongest Pokemon of all time. He’s excellent at hand to hand combat, which is Arceus’ big weakness since his barriers are best against projectiles. Blaziken also has the famed speed advantage

      • Is Arceus even known for barriers? Not that I know of. Plus Arceus has a good deal of melee fighting potential as well as ranged in any type he cares to use. Plus Pokedex entries suggest at one stage he used to have a thousand hands, those have got to give him some melee potential. (Maybe he can summon them back again and that’s how he can use moves like seismic toss and such.

        Also, there is the fact that he made the Pokemon universe, and has been shown to be fully capable of making a whole new one if he wants.

      • In the anime; it was the only way that he stood a chance against Dialga. He kept spamming his elemental barriers, which could nullify all attacks from every element. Naturally, Pikachu landed the critical blow on him because Pikachu is still the best.

        When has he been shown to be capable of making a new one? Even making this universe is highly debatable because the Pokedex contradicts itself many times. Some say that he created the universe, others state that he was simply born before the universe; and others state that he only shaped the planet, not the universe. The one thousand hands is just a myth from the Pokedex and I don’t believe that we can really take it seriously just yet. I suppose that he could tackle, but otherwise he wouldn’t do well in melee combat, especially compared to Blaziken.

      • The anime is not a reliable source of information for the game universe. I have a whole article (or maybe “rant” is a better term) on how the games and anime have to be seperate continuities, but that’s another story. Seriously, look into the games for evidence as well. He’s capable of far more than barriers. In fact with his level of durability I question why he’d need barriers at all.

        Melee-wise, he’s capable of all kinds of moves. Seismic Toss, Giga Impact, Extreme Speed, Poison Jab, X-Scissor, Shadow Claw, Dragon Claw, Fly, Aerial Ace… take your pick, but he can use all these moves and he’s at least as physically capable as what Blaziken can do even with the “Legendary Pokeball Rule” in effect.

        As for creation, in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver, if you take Arceus to the ruins of Alph, he does… this:

        No-one really know WHAT the heck that is, but many interpret it as creating a whole new Earth or universe (and a live-action one at that) and a new Dialga, Palkia or Giratina along with it. I suppose it’s not really hard evidence per se, but regardless of how you look at it, it proves he can at least create newborn legendary Pokemon (and implies he created the original trio). And given Dialga and Palkia’s role in maintaining spacetime… you get the picture. He’s got some real power over the cosmos

      • The anime always takes presidence for me because we get to see the feats in motion. The games need to be considered too of course, but getting rid of the gameplay mechanics while keeping in the feats can be a very tough job.

        In the movies, Arceus was doomed without his barriers and the heroes got the upper hand. (A human defeated him in the past, but it’s plot hax so I don’t count it against Arceus) Arceus can definitely use attacks like Shadow Claw and Poison Jab, but it won’t help him in battles. Imagine how long it would take him to raise up his paw and stab someone with it. With his super speed, it will be enough to stop guys like Superman, but it won’t help against a fellow Pokemon. That small delay would be too much.

        All right, Arceus definitely has creation abilities. I’ll grant that the scene is definitely a valid feat. It may not help all that much in the fight against Blaziken, but it’s good to know. Arceus is definitely powerful in scope, but I still don’t believe that he could defeat Blaziken. Blaziken is just too fast and powerful.

  1. This was another of my requests. I disagree with the outcome. Their speed should be the same because neither have shown to have notable feats of speed. Anything arceus can do, zeedmilleniummon can do as well. Zeeds chrono paradox attack is far more powerful than arceus’s judgment attack since it erases your existence, which is why no one has ever survived it. And all of zeeds stats will be boosted to near omnipotent if his power suppressing rings are destroyed.

    • it didn’t erase your existense,it just destroy you to nothing,infact we don’t even know how strong it was,it’s pretty much contradicts just like what pokedex says,he can manipulate space time just like arceus,don’t forget pokemon is not a one universe,just like digimon

  2. Blaziken is better than Arceus….HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! LOL! Who has better stats? Arceus does! Who easily pwned the Creation Trio by himself? Arceus did. I’ve wrecked many Blazikens before with earthquake from a rock or steel type Pokemon despite all that hype about Blaziken being good at close combat (Infernape’s better). Blaziken is overrated.

    • Blaziken is a lot faster and his Mega form would allow him to speed blitz Arceus all day. I think you’re seriously underestimating his raw power and intense fighting skills. Gameplay mechanics are the only reason why Blaziken typically loses in the competitive world.

  3. Lololol. Blaziken gets trumped by Charizard and Infernape anyday. Even Torterra with a good earthquake would bring it down. Also can Blaziken send down meteors of doom (Judgement) while hovering in the sky and being god-like? No. Arceus on the other hand shows who the true god is.

  4. Well arceus can easily defeat 1000000 blazikens on his own.Even legendary Pokemon finds it impossible toach arceus half of power . Blazien even mega blaziken is like a puppy for him

  5. Which seed? While the picture shows its a chain zeed, i need to be sure which one exactly.

    An unchained seed is pretty much a multiversal threat (atleast thats what is agreed on, on digimon) simply by existing I’m pretty sure if he even does something considered an action it would spell danger to an infinite amount of universes meaning he stomps.

    But if its a chained zeed, yeah I can see arceus winning this in a heafty fight since I don’t know much of seed but I assume since he’s chained he is at least universal or more or less galaxy level now.

    • It’s Zeed’s strongest form so definitely unchained. Zeed is really strong so I wouldn’t count him out of the fight too soon or anything, but Arceus’ wide array of elemental attacks and various projectiles should definitely serve him well.

  6. Arceus is a god, he already wins this fight pretty much. The way you said there about the fight makes sense and also, there is a another way to kill zeed. Arceus can go back in time or ask Diagla and palkia to go back in time to make sure Zeed doesn’t exist or kill it when it’s in a egg. Or, since the digital world of digimon was created by people, Diagla and palkia can either. Destroy all tech in the world, (Not our world, the world where people created the digital world where digimon existed), so Zeed doesn’t exist or kill the people who was about to create the digital world. It’s 2 ways how Arceus can beat Zeed.

    • Well, the whole time travel thing would be interesting, but I never count that as a viable option because it would just be too OP. Then all time travel characters would always be able to win a fight right from the start as they would just warp to before the fight started. Still, Arceus is a really powerful character so at least he wouldn’t even need any of these tricks.

  7. Arceus is multiversal+ if you highball him, Zeed is high complex multiversal, meaning 10-11 dimensional, Arceus stand zero chance

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