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Kang The Conqueror vs Lucina

Kang The Conqueror is back once more, but will his shields and barriers stand up to Lucina’s power? I don’t think they will. Lucina has great destructive abilities and her sword can pierce through the strongest of shields. Her speed is greater than his and so Kang can delay her victory by teleporting around and firing his weapons, but ultimately he will be overcome. Skills such as Lucina’s can not be overcome through willpower alone. Lucina wins.

4 thoughts on “Kang The Conqueror vs Lucina”

  1. I’m not the type of person to leave Kang out. What he has or could pull out is much more advanced than Lucina’s technology and weaponry. Based on that alone, I think Kang wins.

    1. His tech definitely is impressive so it’ll really come down to whether or not his shields could hold off her punishing attacks. Personally I think it’s definitely a very tricky fight there, but breaking shields has always been something that she excels at

      1. Well, it’s tough to say because Lucina’s sword hasn’t had too much of a challenge so far. She could certainly be parried, but if her attacks are landing point blank I think even Kang’s armor would start to shred. His barriers and such would buy time, but I don’t think it would buy enough time

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