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Kyo Kusanagi vs Greymon

Suggested by Mehama Sadafa Kyo Kusanagi has some good fire abilities which really amp up his hand to hand skills. That being said, Greymon has too many powerful forms which will really cause Kyo to stay on the defensive. The instant he evolves to War Greymon form it will be over for Kyo. He’s not fast enough to dodge War Greymon’s ultimate attacks and he doesn’t have the durability needed to survive them either. That’s why no matter how you slice it, it’s game over for Kyo. Greymon wins.

3 thoughts on “Kyo Kusanagi vs Greymon”

  1. Kyo has nothing on Terra Force! Even if his flames are strong and all, i don’t think he would easily defeat the Mega form of Greymon (WarGreymon).

    1. Yeah by that point WarGreymon’s abilities would require an entire opposing fleet to match. Kyo isn’t quite ready for that kind of power yet. If he gave in to the Orochi power mixed with his flames then maybe that would give him a good boost though

      1. Yeah, probably. If Orochi Kyo was canon/real in KoF story, maybe he would stand a chance against not only Orochi Iori and some KoF bosses but also some other opponents from other universes, especially Digimon. But well, Kyo is pretty much the opposite version of Iori (which makes sense since they’re rivals) so, he doesn’t want to kill anyone, especially his rival.

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