Teneniel Djo vs Darth Maul

Suggested by iKnowledge Teneniel is a powerful Nightsister and their abilities are quite similar to The Force. I always thought it would be cool for this faction to have appeared a little more since they never quite make it into the films. That said, I don’t believe she will be quite a match for Darth Maul. Maul’s athletic abilities and speed coupled with his Lightsaber make him far too dangerous. Teneniel won’t be able to keep up with him and her powers take up a lot of stamina which will ultimately catch up with her before long. This is one battle where she will fall. Darth Maul wins.

2 thoughts on “Teneniel Djo vs Darth Maul

  1. I put this battle up because of their ties to Dathomir. Although I think that Darth Maul should have stayed an Iridonian Zabrak, instead of Dathomiri, along with being dead. But you already know that. Teneniel Djo would put up a good fight, because she was able to surprise a younger Legends Luke Skywalker and made him her ‘man’ for a little while. She’s also Tenel Ka’s mother, so make of that what you will. She was the grandmother of somebody prophecied to bring a long period of peace in the Post-Yavin Star Wars Galaxy, but we never saw in complete before the buyout. I also say the same of her fighting chances as I do of Atton Rand.

    • Yeah, she definitely seems like a really good fighter and her Nightsister skills certainly help a lot with the sneak attacks. It’s just super hard to see her coming or to plan for whatever attacks she’s got. Maul’s as tough as they come though so I think it’ll be hard to get past his guard

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