Matrim Cauthon vs Last Dragonborn

Suggested by iKnowledge The Last Dragonborn is a pretty powerful fighter. He has slain many dragons after all and that’s no easy feat. Matrim’s main advantage here in combat will be his speed. He has incredibly fast reflexes and his skill with a blade is unparalleled. This means that the Last Dragonborn can’t afford to hold back because even with his armor a good stab can put him down. Still, I’d say that he ultimately has the edge in this fight. His power and durability are greater than Matrim’s and in sheer combat speed I’d also bank on him. Last Dragonborn wins.

2 thoughts on “Matrim Cauthon vs Last Dragonborn

    • Absolutely! Yes, this one certainly did take a while. I believe it was the last request I have in the records from you. I haven’t been able to work on many fights lately but I aim to get more consistent on that like the good ole days

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