Handy Manny vs Bob The Builder

Suggested by Destroyer Handy Manny’s a nice guy, but there’s no way he’s going to beat the original builder. Bob The Builder has been fixing things for many years. He may be a little forgetful at times but he always gets the job done. I really don’t see Handy Manny being able to keep up with this guy. Bob The Builder just doesn’t play around. With his tools he’ll easily beat Handy Manny in a fight. The problem for Manny is that he hasn’t been in nearly as many dangerous situations as Bob. Bob The Builder wins.

4 thoughts on “Handy Manny vs Bob The Builder

      • why why why why why why why just why does bob the builder have to win bob the builder stinks his face is ugly and so as wendy’s and his machines dont talk that much i hate him but i love handy manny because he can fix anything and solve problems he’s a 100% and bob the builder is a 0 zero zero zero zero zero you heard what i said ZERO ZRERO QUINTUPLE ZERO i wish he was ranted on his show and in handy manny i understand his language and felipe and flicker’s because learing spanish a great thing to learn and i like kelly more than wendy kelly has everything a goodbye to bob and hola to manny get him back on track not bob manny

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