Red Sonja vs Tarrasque

Suggested by iKnowledge This is a tricky one. The Tarrasque is a powerful beast that can regenerate and block/absorb all magical attacks thrown its way. Red Sonja has superhuman strength and speed but would that really be enough to win this fight? It’s a tough one to consider. It’s hard to see Tarrasque landing any blows even with his speed limiter so it becomes an issue of if Sonja has enough stamina to take him out or if she’ll grow tired. She has excellent feats of stamina though so she should be okay and that’s why I give her the edge here. Red Sonja wins.

2 thoughts on “Red Sonja vs Tarrasque

    • Yeah this was a really tough one because of that. I believe in Sonja’s ability and stamina enough for her to win this but I dare say Tarrasque will be the toughest beast she has ever fought

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