The BioLizard vs Mr Mxyzptlk

Suggested by Destroyer The BioLizard has returned and he has more than enough energy abilities to take on Mr Mxyzptlk. Mr Mxyzptlk mostly thrives around reality warping although the guy has shown that he does have the talent and ability to actually get into the ring to fight once in a while. He has your basic energy blast skills along with super strength, speed, and a few other such talents at his disposal. They just won’t be enough to get past a stream of lasers and barriers. The BioLizard wins.

2 thoughts on “The BioLizard vs Mr Mxyzptlk

  1. I admit to not knowing much about the BioLizard, but unless it can alter laws of reality like we breathe, what’s stopping Mxyzptlk from turning it into a pool floatie and sending it into a cactus?

    • I don’t put much stock in reality warping type abilities so I like to think the BioLizard could just shake it off. He’d be able to then start blasting and I don’t think Mr Mxy is ready for that kind of firepower

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