Boa Hancock vs Yamato

Suggested by DMG Boa Hancock is strong enough to have been one of the pirates acknowledged by the world government. She should not be underestimated but Yamato was able to stalemate a Yonkou for a significant amount of time. There are few fighters in the entire verse who could have pulled that off. For this reason I do not think that Boa would stand much of a chance here. Yamato is stronger and I dare say that she is faster as well. This does not leave Boa a whole lot of options and her stone ability won’t be doing anything here. Boa would need a significant powerup to stand a chance. Yamato wins.

10 thoughts on “Boa Hancock vs Yamato

  1. You said we are useing comp versions in every battle so boa hancock well win low dif because there is the movie version of boa hancock and if you know the movies characters are wey stronger than manga and the anime ok let’s start explaining why hancock wins in the movies she is stronger than all of luffys team even luffy himself is weaker then her in the movies and luffys team in the movies can fight the admirals they can keep up with kizaru who is faster than kaido and manga luffy and boa hancock outrun luffy in the movies so she is wey faster than yamato and she can damage bullet strongest form and bullet strongest stated to be roger level remember this is only in the movies ok so she well speed blitz yamato and one shot her it’s not looking good for yamato

    • I wouldn’t go that far. Boa is strong to be sure but Yamato was holding her own against Kaido in his hybrid form. That outranks all of Boa’s feats real fast

      • Bullet>>>kaido bullet after his awakening it’s stated he is on roger level and hancock damaged him and she out speed luffy in the movie and movie version luffy can keep up with admirals like kizaru hancock did better than luffy in the bullet fight yamato is the outranks here agein because you said we are useing comp versions boa wins

      • Nah, Kaido’s way stronger than Bullet. Bullet is powerful but remember that Gear 4 Luffy was stalemating him and got one shotted by Kaido. That’s why Yamato outranks Boa

  2. Let’s see
    Strength:boa hancock damaged bullet who is stronger than kaido
    Travel Speed:boa hancock shouldn’t be debate she out speed snakeman luffy
    Durability:yamato tank hits from kaido
    Iq:boa hancock
    Battle iq:both
    Devil fruit:boa hancock
    Haxs:boa hancock turn people in to stones and have ranger attacks
    Haki:boa hancock she have every form of haki yamato only have 2
    Agility:boa hancock
    Experience:boa hancock older
    Skills:boa hancock she is master of hand to hand combat
    Rank:boa hancock she is world lords
    Defense:boa hancock her devil fruit defense is insane
    Fighting style:boa hancock her fighting make it easy for her to dodge any attack yamato throw at her and her lags attacks well make yamato lose her balance
    techniques:boa hancock she has more techniques yamato just spam 1 move
    Combat speed:boa hancock faster than snakeman luffy and bullet at combat speed
    Battles:boa hancock fighting bullet>fighting kaido
    16-3 not even close boa hancock wins 10/10 of the times she just outclases yamato in this battle she showed better feats

    • Nah, Yamato clears in all stats. Look, I like Boa’s resolve. She knows what she wants and goes out to get it, but she’s still not quite ready to take down Yamato. Yamato is just way too powerful and even has a hybrid mode of her own. There’s nobody beating her at that point

  3. I think you didn’t understand what i said the movies and the manga are not the same in the movies zoro is fighting admirals but in the manga he almost lost to a yc it’s stated the movies are not the same as the manga or the anime and you are talking about base bullet awakening bullet destroyed luffy also kaido didn’t 1 shot g4 luffy it’s just luffy couldn’t react because of the cp0 and you can’t ignor the statement about awakening bullet it’s stated he is on roger level agein the movies and the manga are not in the same universe the movies are alternate universe so just because boa in the anime and manga is weak doesn’t mean the same well be said for movie hancock the feats i talked about like damageing bullet or outspeed snakeman luffy or the statement about hancock sey she is stronger than all the of luffys team are just wey better than anything yamato has ever done

    • And yes i can see if you think yamato is stronger than luffy in fact i think she is stronger than pre awakening luffy but that’s still nothing compre to movie luffy who is boa stronger than him

    • The movies aren’t totally canon but the power levels are about the same. I’m talking about Luffy’s very first fight with Kaido where he got rolled. Roger isn’t as strong as Kaido so saying that Bullet is as powerful as Roger doesn’t help there. Hancock damaged Bullet which is good but Lulffy is the one who knocked him out. We can’t say that Hancock has feats that are nearly as good as Yamato’s. She is outranked in both speed and power at the moment at least

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