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Thor vs Superman

Thor vs Superman. This was a great fight but the comic wrecked it. Superman can’t  beat Thor. Aside from the fact that Thor’s hammer is run on magic Thor is just better. He’s been fighting for over a millenia so he has more fighting skills. He’s also physiclly stronger. Thor also has god Blast which would probably beat Superman in one shot. Thor easily wins.

But with Superman’s skills in the end Thor can’t win. Superman wins.

27 thoughts on “Thor vs Superman”

  1. I’ve debated this very question with Kurt Busiek online in the past, as well as read him discussing it with others. I didn’t have a problem with Superman beating Thor in the JLA/Avengers comic, but I didn’t quite agree with the way the fight was scripted. Like you pointed out, I don’t think Superman should have been able to block the hammer with his hand, or survive a direct hit in the face from it.

    I do think Superman could beat Thor, but it would be a tough fight. And, as Thor himself noted later on in the series, a 2nd fight might go differently, now that Thor is more aware of Superman’s abilities.

    That’s the thing comic-book fans always forget when having this “VS.” arguments. Fights are not always the same, even between the same opponents. Look @ boxing, wrestling, martial arts, and MMA matches.
    Fighters can fight 2 or 3 times and sometimes one guy wins, then the other guy wins. Ali-Frazier 1: Frazier clearly wins. Ali-Frazier 2: A very close fight, that Ali wins by decision. Ali-Frazier 3: Both men nearly kill each other, and Ali later said that he was almost ready to quit just before Frazier did.

    1. Good Point. Though I think that from the fighters if one were to learn the most from the fight it would be Thor. Seeing as how he’s been fighting for thousands of years and already knows many types of fighting styles. It would be cool to see how differant the fight would be now if they made another crossover.

      1. Right, going back to my real world analogy, look @ Muhammad Ali vs. George Foreman. Foreman was bigger and stronger, but Ali used a smarter strategy, the rope-a-dope, and wore Foreman out. If they had a rematch Ali wouldn’t be able to do that again, because Foreman would be ready for it. So the 2nd fight could have gone differently. Same with Thor vs. Superman.

        The reason I will give Superman an edge is his speed (I don’t think Thor has “super-speed” like Supes) and offensive powers. It should be easier for Superman to avoid getting hit by Thor’s hammer or a bolt of lightning than it would be for Thor to avoid a blast of heat vision. Like I said in the Superman vs. Hulk post, “realistically” (yes, I know that’s kind of a silly word to use when discussing superheroes) there is no reason for Superman to stand there on the ground and trade punches with Thor, the way it was written in the comic. Both would be in the air flying around each other.

      2. Yeah, I agree that they wouldn’t be trading punches. However it is a little known fact, but Thor has super speed. It was only shown back in the old comics and in the old Thor tv show. For all I know the writers have taken that power away from him, but he did have super speed back then. I’m not sure if he was faster than Superman though because Superman’s supposed to be about as fast as Flash. Plus this isn’t even a fact just an observation. Superman seems to possibly be weak against thunder or at least affected by it a lot. Thunder people like Livewire tend to give him a problem. I base the theory on Livewire, and some Justice League episodes and comics.

      3. Well, that is the thing with comics, what powers that certain heroes have can depend on whomever is writing the book @ the time, and that changes over the years. And then it depends on how you define certain powers. A lot of heroes and villains have “super-speed” but that’s not all the same. I don’t even know exactly what Superman’s level is, but I generally think that’s the speed-of-light, though I could be wrong (&, for the record, however fast he is, all of the Flash’s should be even faster than him). I’m not aware of any super-speed depictions of Thor, which is why I don’t associate that with him.

      4. One of the examples I know is in the 1960’s Thor show. It was shown a couple of times. Aside from that I don’t really remember seeing it.

      5. Yes, you can find it on ebay and amazon I think. I bought it along with the Sub Marinor, Hulk, Ironman, and Captain America series. I couldn’t stand The Sub Mariner series though.

  2. Superman could definitely out-think Thor. He’s much the better strategist. One thing that bothered me about JLA/Avengers is the fact that Superman could only lift the hammer during the finale, but not later in the story. If anyone is worthy to wield that hammer, it’s Superman.

    1. Supes is pretty tough, but his weakness is magic, and Thor has a lot fo that. Add to that his thunder and brute strength, Superman would be a goner. Also Thor is pretty smart. He’s been battling for Millions of years and knows how to outthink an enemy. Thor wins.

  3. How did your previous entry say Thor? Doesn’t the Superman on this blog get Mjolnir and CA’s shield? Or is crossover application inconsistent? And how would it go if it were purely home series and no blog applications(PS, sorry if I’m overdoing the last one.)

    1. Originally I used to think that Thor would have the edge here. I believed that Mjolnir gave him enough of an edge to take this til I realized that Superman’s on a whole different level imo. Trust me, without any composite abilities or anything, Superman would win. I think just about any version of Superman should have the edge here except for depowered versions.

      1. Right, I don’t joke around when I make a mistake on my Math test either, it just happens sometimes. The important thing is to learn from it though. I should show the writer some good Superman speed feats someday.

      2. Superman’s faster, stronger, more durable, better hand to hand skills, and is basically better than Thor in every single way. Thor wouldn’t be able to see Superman, let alone tag him in a fight.

  4. This is a tough one.

    Thor has magic, but Superman has solar energy.

    Superman has some degree of vulnerability to mental attacks.
    Thor often depends on his hammer too much.

    Both combatants have experience in battle with other worldly beings.
    Both also have strength that can best most of the heroes in their respective comic franchise.

    I think this battle would also be based on what versions are on the battle field.

    1. Well, it’s definitely the best version of each character. That means that DCAU Superman enters the fray and I really don’t see Thor keeping up with him. Thor’s never had the same speed that Superman has exhibited nor is he as durable. You should see all the times Thor gets knocked out in the Avengers Assemble cartoon while Superman definitely wouldn’t go down to similar attacks. They’re just on different levels at times

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