Sasuke vs Naruto

The fated fight between bitter rivals. Both of them have fought 3 times. Sasuke’s won 1 of the 3 while the other 2 were interupted. I definately think Sasuke would win. Naruto makes for a good rival but he can’t take down Sasuke. Especaly since Sasuke might be getting another super form. Sasuke wins.

Update 8 7 2020 Sasuke hasn’t been able to keep up with Naruto and will lose this round. Naruto wins.

16 thoughts on “Sasuke vs Naruto

  1. At this point in the series I think Naruto could beat Sasuke pretty easily. His Susano’o may be tough, but I don’t think it’ll be a match for Naruto’s Nine Tails Chakra Mode. But then again, that remains to be seen

    • Well, I figure Sasuke’s sharingan should help negate Naruto’s speed. Plus his jutsu wouldn’t be as effective since Sasuke would see it coming. Plus all of the sharingan’s other hax

      • Yeah, he could see it coming. Doesn’t mean he could stop it.
        As far as I’ve seen:
        Shadow Clone Jutsu > Fireball Jutsu
        Rasengan > Chidori
        Sage Mode > Mangekyo Sharingan
        Rasen Shuriken > Kirin (maybe)
        Nine Tails Chakra Mode > Susano’o

        I guess we’ll really see who’s stronger soon enough in the anime though

      • How do the shadow clones beat the fireball? Now the fireball is super big and could down them all in one shot.

        I’m gonna have to say I prefer the Chidori. it did win when they went all out.

        I never liked Kirin so I guess so.

        Yeah, Susano’o takes a loss, but I still think Sasuke’s got this. Yeah, hopefully they fight this year. It’s supposed to last 18 more months.

      • Have you SEEN how many clones Naruto can summon?

        I think that’s more down to Naruto holding back a little because he didn’t want to kill Sasuke. When they both crashed into the water tanks, the one hit by the Rasengan looked a lot worse off.

      • Well he does have a lot of clones, but they never do so good

        Kimimaro takes out possibly 100 of more of them with 0 effort. Of course that was 100% plot hax right there. The clones do help Naruto a lot, but whenever he makes a clone it takes some chakra. Chakra he’ll need for his Rasengan to match Sasuke’s Chidori.

        Well it’s because of how the attack it. Rasengan is meant to completely annihilate whatever it hits. Chidori is meant as a focused, but fatal blow. It’s range is small, but effective. Like a sword and a dagger. The sword will leave a larger wound, but the dagger’s could be more deadly if it’s more precise. I’d say the Chidori is still stronger

      • Or alternately he could use both for his Massive Rasengan Mega Barrage. Now tell me Sasuke could take a hit from THAT!

      • I admit, if that attack were to hit Sasuke it would mean the end of the match. There’s no way Sasuke could tank that many Rasengans. So, he’d need to either stop the Shadow Clones first, lock with Susanoo, or just get out of there!

  2. Plus, how many times did Sasuke have to be saved at the Five Kage Summit? The Tsuchikage would have disintegrated him back there if he hadn’t been saved by Madara.

      • I don’t know what you mean by “plot hax”, but the Tsuchikage caught him in that jutsu on his own, it’s hardly like being outnumbered changed that

      • Well plot hax is when anything unreasonable happens….Take any (And I mean ANY) scene with Ms Marvel from the new Avengers show. She has super speed of a very high level and yet she’s constantly getting hit by random guys. It’s just not possible.

        Sasuke should have been able to dodge that attack with ease. Most of the Kage Summit felt a bit off, but it was epic all the same

      • But with his Sharingan and lightning fast reflexes he should have jumped away. Plus he should have been expecting a lot since he was taking on the 5 Kages.

      • It was just as he steppe out the gap in the wall. Besides the fact that he may not have immediately activated it in time.

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