Goku vs Vegeta

Wowsers, It’s Bowser. NOPE. This match is between Goku (Kakarot) The First Super Saiyan to defeat Frieza. He’s become really strong since the Raditz arc. He’s become so strong that many call him the strongest being in all of media. (Meaning Comics, TV, Movies, manga etc) Now I have nothing against Goku but, come on that’s going too far. Now Vegeta, The Prince of Saiyans is a force to be dealt with. He started out stronger and he ended stronger. He and Goku are about the same but Vegeta’s stronger. There fused forms prove it. Gogeta is weaker than Vegito. The Author even said that Vegito is the strongest DBZ character. That goes to show that Vegeta beats Goku. Vegeta wins.

Update: 8/7/2020 I’m afraid I have to go with Goku on this one. With merged forms they’re effectively equal so you have to look at who is individually stronger and that’s Goku. Goku wins.

79 thoughts on “Goku vs Vegeta

  1. Goku vs vegeta.. well it all really depends what part of the series your talking about. For the most part goku and vegeta have been pretty even, but goku has always prooven himself stronger. In season 9 during the fight between kid buu and these 2 saiyans vegeta had an epithany that goku was better then him because goku could hold his own agianst kid buu when vegeta got scraped. BUT.. in dragonball GT where the series ends (and so does my evidence backing up my opinion) both goku and vegeta had made it to ss4 so their powers were more or less equal. but if they decided to square off one last time i think vegeta would win.

  2. goku defeated majin vegeta scouter vegeta and also at the last battle on gt gogeta far surpassed the power vegito he went ssj4 and defeated omega shenron in fact the unfused and goku killed omega with a spirit bomb and plus it is statded many times in the seris that goku is the strongest warior in the universe in my own opinion goku would win

    • But remember, The Author doesn’t even count GT. And According to the original manga Vegito is stronger than Gogeta. Even counting GT Vegeta is stronger, Plus Goku lost to Scouter Vegeta.

  3. Goku was not the first super saiyan. An unnamed saiyan was. Vegeta ended weaker. Gogeta is only “weaker” than Vegetto because Vegetto is a “permanent” fusion. That’s all. Anyway, this fight HEAVILY depends on the circumstances.

  4. oh come on. when God said “Let there be light!!”
    he was there. and ” Say Please” was his response.

    • Well Chuck Norris is pretty cool πŸ˜‰ He could even give Indiana Jones a run for his money. Not sure who I’d go with on that one, but it’d be close. That’s for sure!

  5. what?? lol Chuck norris controls space and time! he doesnt have a chin, but only a third fist! he is the most epic being in all of media more epic then Bass. not as powerful i guess. but more epic.

    • I dunno. I’d say Chuck Norris is more of a Live Action Movie hero πŸ˜‰ You know the type, he fights, gets pwned, and fights some more. I wouldn’t say he’s as epic as guys like Bass or Lazerman. Chuck’s cool, but he’s out of his league on this one πŸ˜€

  6. grr. fine but if i add Chuck norris in this blog, it cant be the human one we know. it has to be the one that pwns people like zelda, mario, king bomb omb, really just the super hero people know Chuck norris as πŸ˜›

    • Ummmmmm……Wellllll it can’t actually be an actor either πŸ˜› It has to be completely fictional like Indiana Jones or James Bond. How about Ramona vs Bass or something?

  7. lol… a character in progress… CX who has similar Get ability. and he comes back from space. so, if something exists, he comes back from it. iff Bass exists, then he comes from bass. and since bass can come back, he lives forever. lol who would win in that match bucko?? (Ik high above vs high above but so what? lol)

    • I have to say that Bass would win that one πŸ˜› His data would corrode CX and CX would eventually die. It happens. Bass isn’t just a High Above, he’s the King of the High Aboves!

  8. lol.. sure. lol i didnt mean CX i meant The Inevitable i dont know where that came from. lol. but he can come back? he is like a shark, cannot be corroded or sick. immune system is perfect. over perfect.

    • Well, the Inevitable can come back, but he has his limit. He can’t come back forever πŸ˜€ Only Bass can do that πŸ˜› Everything can be corroded (Except Bass) so Bass has got this πŸ˜€ Cool character though

  9. lol no! im creating him, lol not you XD
    he cannot be corroded. and he has no limits as long as there is something to come back from so HA! tie. if you wont admit its a tie ill prove it then.

  10. oh yeah? its impossible to beat CX (i like this name now lol its catchy) CX=The Inevitable
    CX is unbeatable.

  11. Goku has Ultra Instinct. Vegeta doesn’t. Toriyama also doesn’t like Vegeta so he may always keep him just under Goku in terms of power.That’s the unfortunate truth.

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