Train vs Killua

Killua is pretty strong but he’s not at Train level. Killua is a hunter for hire while Train is a sweeper. He’s definitely the best sweeper ever. No one sweeps like he does. Killua does have a super saiyan form but it can’t beat Train. Train wins.

Update 8 7 2020 Train gets speedblitzed at this point. Killua wins.

4 thoughts on “Train vs Killua

  1. Come on. Sure, Train’s a sweeper and he’s awesome, but Killua beats him, hands down. Train’s only weapon is his gun, and the most he can do with it is shoot, ricochet, block and use the railgun. Train has very few hand-to-hand combat skills. Killua, only the other hand, has many more abilities, such as his lightning, and even the special metal yo yos he uses, which could crack a person’s skull if he used ’em right. And I haven’t even got to Killua’s other combat skills. Here’s a kid who has been trained as an assassin since he was born, and can rip out a guy’s heart without blinking.
    Finally, there’s their personalities. Train wouldn’t think of killing Killua, while Killua, if he had to, wouldn’t hesitate to kill Train. Train would have to hold back a bit, if he wanted to avoid Killua, so he would lose the fight.

    • It must have been a while since you read Black Cat or you’d remember that Train is an expert in hand to hand fighting. He was trained since he was a kid in many things, and he also was an assasin. In this blog it’s an all out fight, so no one would be holding back. Train could just take out Killua in an instant. Killua is good, but not at Train level

      • eh… i think Killua wins… i mean, he’s WAYYYYYYYYYY faster cuz of the lightning… 🙂 But it would be really close

      • Killua is definitely powerful! Against many other opponents he would definitely pwn! Of course Train has the “High Above” thing going for him and the Rail Gun. Without those, Killua may have won!

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