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Venom vs Batman

Batman has enough gadgets to keep Venom busy for a bit but after that there’s no hope for Batman. Venom’s faster and stronger than Superman…..I mean Batman. Batman’s smarter but that doesn’t cut it here. Venom wins.

Update! Venom’s a strong fighter, but Batman’s definitely got the edge here. He has a pack of matches and he’s also got his GL Power Ring. Venom won’t be able to stand up to his power for very long. Batman wins.

5 thoughts on “Venom vs Batman”

  1. Batman would win easily. Hes the worlds greatest detective he would get a bit of it on his suit run one analysis on it and have like a way to beat it, Sound and a way to completely destroy it. He can beat superman because he has a piece of kryptonite on him at all times im pretty sure he can beat spider-mans nemesis.

  2. Batman’s whole run is plot hax. The first time he was hiot by anyone with strength, he would be dead. He’s a normal dude. Venom wins.

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