Thor vs Hulk

Thor vs Hulk is a classic fight that’s been fought for decades. Both Hulk and Thor are heavy in strength, but there’s one big difference. Thor is also a master at hand to hand and has thunder. I’d the thunder is his big advantage. He also has Godblast and Odin Force. Thor wins.

10 thoughts on “Thor vs Hulk

  1. When I was coming up in the 70’s, when comics books were 15 cents, 20 cents, 25 cents and 30 cents. The original Marvel writers concluded this battle a draw. They NO, they didn’t have the Hulk picking up Thors hammer and throwing it, because it is enchanted. They didn’t have the Hulk being sent to Asgard and wiping out Asgards immortal inhabitants and damn near killing the Mighty Thor. This is terrible writing. These new generation writers don’t even have the decency of keeping with the original story and or script. When the Hulk and Thor battled it was always a tie or a draw. And the Hulk could NOT pickup Thor’s hammer and throw it. he strained with all his might,but could not pick it up and throw it. That’s a fact! Several of my childhood friend talked about it and all of recall that the issues that we had in our possession always had the Hulk and Thor battles a draw. So if theses new generation writers want to have a pleathora of unhappy Marvel fans, let them continue to deviate from the original story line. They forget, Marvel fans know the truth.

  2. Shut up, already! I’m not a “fanboy” of anything, but you obviously are. Don’t be the pot calling the kettle black, or anything. I’ve been reading both Hulk and Thor, for years, and this is the truth. They have arguable advantages over the other. The hulk, however, has stopped, and injured the juggernaut with nothing more than brute strength. He beat the Sentry to a standstill. What gets me is that people often say he was holding back. Anyone who’s read the comic can tell you he refers to how good it feels to unleash his full power. For years, Marvel has been keeping things at a stalemate, between the big boys, to maintain the mystery. The Hulk, at least for now, is considered, by Marvel, to be the most powerful being on earth. That doesn’t mean he can’t be defeated, and Thor certainly has the tools for such a job. However, he’s been humiliated by the Juggernaut, and he couldn’t even get near Onslaught until the Hulk crushed his armor in a solo attempt. The Hulk, like Thor, has only recently been able to show his potential. That being said, Thor has been able to unleash his power, too. Here’s a trump card for you. No matter how endlessly we disagree on the matter, Superman has beaten them both. On both occasions he commented on how they were almost too much for him. Get as mad as you want, the Hulk will always be able to get angrier. Hulk smash!

    • Hmmmmm

      Well Hulk is good, but his lack of speed and no flight is his fatal weakness. Thor can just keep dodging him and then knock him out with his thunder. Hulk just can’t win this match

    • Thor would usually beat the Hulk,depending on the version. How? Assuming this is Classic Thor:
      a. He has time manipulation
      b. He can use god blast
      c. He has easily taken out Classic Adam Warlock and Drax the Destroyer while Drax was in possession of the Power Gem(this gem grants unlimited power, and Drax was its best user)
      Other Versions:
      Hulk would get beaten by:
      Classic Thor, King Thor(in a stomp), Necro King Thor(in a bigger stomp, since this version stomped Galactus), and Rune King Thor(in a big stomp, this guy pulled off Loki’s head with it still alive)
      Hulk would beat:
      Current Thor, Ultimate Thor

      • I agree that Thor’s stronger versions easily win this. Ultimate Thor wasn’t that impressive so it’s possible that Hulk could win. He couldn’t even fly if I recall correctly. Still, I think it would be a good fight and I can’t really agree with the current Thor battle. I’ll never forget this battle of titans though and it’s definitely one of Marvel’s bigger matches to ever come out. Good times!

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