Goku vs Byakuya

This is a tribute to Dead Zone. Goku has super saiyan mode and with it he can destroy planets. Of course Byakuya is also tops in power. Goku will put up more of a fight than some of the others Byakuya has faced but in the end he will lose. Byakuya wins.

Well Goku’s back! With his SSJ4 mode he does win this round. Goku wins.

39 thoughts on “Goku vs Byakuya

  1. you master of all dumb,no way byakuya stands a chance against goku. goku’s instant transmission is way superior than filthy flash step of byakuya. his kamehameha will blast away byakuya’s soul slayer even in the bankai. do not underestimate goku’s raw strength. bankai of byakuya will be broken in innumerable pieces if struck against goku’s body.

  2. hey you, accept it that dbz is way beyond them filthy worthless anime such as bleach. even the strongest of bleach characters would not stand a chance against z warrors.

    • Wow, You must have not seen Bleach lately. Byakuya is way stronger than Goku. Goku has super saiyan, but Byakuya has speed and Bankai. So I’m afraid you’re wrong this time.

      • Dude Byakuya’s speed is nothing compared to Goku’s, Goku is faster than light…Goku can destroy Byakuya in his base form without much effort

  3. You idiot aizen can easily defeat byakuya and goku can easily defeat aizen. So in the end byakuya donot stand a chance against goku.Go and check other polls.You will see how much wrong you are.

  4. hey you idiot goku speed is beyond the comprehension of everyone. He is faster than the light. How will senbonzakura keep up with goku.Well i guess you need a good preacher.Someone made a fool out of you to mislead you.I GUESS it’s futile to make you realize of your ignorance. WHEN YOU WILL DIE YOU WILL REALIZE HOW MUCH FOOLISH YOU WERE.

  5. you are an idiot to think any anime character can defeat goku, especially sum retard from the show bleach you are showing favoritism to one of your favorite little charecters…soo ignorant to the levels goku possesses goku doesnt feel swords or your little spirit flashes or any of that stuff since he is to powerful

    • Huh? Didn’t you see the video. Byakuya has a power level that is much higher than Goku’s. Goku is an anime character and has a lot of power, but Byakuya is above him.

  6. dreager, you’re just ignorant…
    if you actually watch the last eposides of any dragonball series, you’ll see goku beating up serious stuff, including making a ball with the destructive power of a nuclear bomb times infinite.
    how’s byakuya gonna dodge that eh? flash step at 1000000000km/ph and die from lack of oxygen?
    atleast check the characters before you do a comparison, all the swords in the entire world won’t even lay a “scratch” on goku compared to what his enemies did….
    p.s a poll is more accurate then a damn video, since it actually includes the opinion of more then ONE stupid idiot who clearly is either messed up or just is just a super no-lifer bleacher, if you come up with a response, that means you’re just a ignorant weirdo who really needs to listen to the public(aka.right minded people)

    • I see you’re behind on Bleach. Goku is pretty tough. He can destroy whole universes with a single punch, and stuff, but in the end that’s not enough. See the key factor in this match is speed and power. While Goku is one of the fastest beings in existence he’s not at Byakuya level. Byakuya is so good he was able to surpass himself in mere minutes. (See latest bleach chapters for reference) As for Goku in GT he was scared of guns. That doesn’t speak too highly of him. While Goku can shoot giant energy balls, Byakuya could just dodge easily or just slash it back at him. Byakuya could also slash Goku in half in an instant and that would be that.

      I’m an expert on media and I know who would beat who. BTW the video was made by me. That’s why it’s totally accurate. Also there are other swords that would hurt Goku. Goku is not indestructible. He’s just pretty close. Byakuya is currently one of the highest ranked blog fighters out there.

  7. dreager1 mother must have dropped on his head when he was baby. that’s why he is talking utter nonsense. All his arguments have no logic. He is nothing more than delusional byakuya fanboy.Forget about goku even picolo can beat byakuya without much trouble.There has never mention about byakuya’s speed anywhere near speed of light.Heck goku beacame much faster during early dbz.Compared to that byakuya’s speed may be as slow as turtle to him.His instant transmission will make it overkill. Byakuya wont even when he is hit.Furthermore goku’s durablity far more greater than anyone in Bleach universe. No worthless Cherry blossoms can even hurt Goku.

  8. You are nothing more than ignorant delusional byakuya fanboy. Non of your arguments have slight amount of logic. First of all this match is itself a blowout against byakuya. Forget about byakuya none of the characters from bleach can even make goku serious.Even in base form goku’s speed far outclasses worthless techniques like shunpo,sonido or quincy version of flash step. Furthermore if goku uses IT it will game over in an instant for byakuya. His silly little blossoms were easily beaten by ichigo’s bankai. How the hell can you even think that byakuya can even be match for goku forget about even victory.

  9. Ik the debate was setteled and dreager agree’s goku can win
    But I just have to comment on so much

    So far, dreager had only focused on the fact that byakuya is so called faster, which is just not true

    And hell dreager’s conclusion to goku taking a win is ssj4
    Which we have several problems with

    For one ssj4 is not canon to the actual goku we see in db, dbz and dbs

    Second, Goku does not need ssj4 to beat byakuya, all he needs is his base form.

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