Thor vs Carnage

Carnage is a symbiote but one that is much weaker than Venom. Carnage may be a good spidey villain but Thor’s thunder powers would be too much for him. Thor wins.

2 thoughts on “Thor vs Carnage

  1. i agreee that thor is stronger but carnage is not weaker than venom the off spring of a symbiote is more deadly than its parent like when carnage beat up venom every time he showed up or like how every time carnage fought spider man spider man had to team up with venom and some other heros. Note: spiderman doesnt need to team up with anyone to beat venom. Another example when carnage and venom teamed up to beat carnages son toxin toxin beat them both by himself.

    • Yeah, Thor pwns 😀 Well Carnage might usually not be weaker, but since we’re counting hosts he is. How about requesting a fight? It’d be pretty epic too say the least!

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