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Unicron vs Superman

Well Unicron is definitely big, but the bigger they are the harder they fall. so Unicron is definitely not going to beat Superman. Superman would just fly through him and that’s that. Superman’s been doing pretty good lately. Can it last is what we all want to know. Superman wins.

2 thoughts on “Unicron vs Superman”

  1. Depending on his incarnation, unicron is an all out true god whose essence spreads throughout all the multiverse and has existed since the birth of the universe. Based on one of his comic incarnation, unicron has consumed and destroyed several alternative universes and has enough to release an attack that is par to the big bang. Another thing that makes unicron so powerful is that he is immortal and his essence is bound to the multiverse. Meaning he cannot not be killed by anything nor should he destroyed otherwise the entire multiverse would collapse. The only way for superman to defeat unicron is contained or seal him when the chaos god is not at his full power, if he were then superman is screwed.

    1. Unicron is really powerful, but he’s far too big to stop Superman. Superman can zip in and out using it and run tactics to deal damage. Also, since this is composite, Unicron’s at his best, but likewise for Superman, meaning that we get Superman 1 Million.

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