Broly vs Godzilla

This is a tribute to the Ghidorah Movie. Godzilla himself looked pretty awful. He lost badly to Rodan, then to Mothra, and finally to Ghidorah. This may have been Godzilla’s worst appearence yet. Broly however is a legendary Super Saiyan and totally pwns. Broly wins.

21 thoughts on “Broly vs Godzilla

  1. Broly can pierce inside his stomach and make an energy wave and rip him apart. Better yet Broly can grab godzillas head, fly up to the sky and throw him down into the pavement and the impact will shatter godzillas bones and then Broly can use the Eraser Cannon and blow up the Earth along with Godzilla and not even break a sweat.

    • Godzilla would win cuz he has a super atomic breath whic is red and it could go strate thru any Kaiju or character an he can crush browley cuz of his mass and he even survived a worm whole even with out a scratch and he has 2 brains which means he is super hyper intellegent and he heals fast and he can explode and destroy browley what ever his name is if he explodes in his burning form and he fake deaths for instence in godzilla vs kong 1962 it seemed like Kong won but there was no signal of Godzilla and the same happened in Invasion of the astro monster and appeared in the sequalls to both movies so he could fake death it and sneak up on browley and kill him he can have anouther atomic breath which is his toughest and it looks like the basic blue and white atomic breath but different. It is different by Godzilla sucking up the wind there he uses it on mothra and baragon and they both got ahniallated. DESTROYED! he can donge browley and use his tail and whack him. he can jump really high and crush him. He can use this magnetic feild power which he can use to attract buildings torwards him and crush him. he also can use a purple atomic breath which is also powerful. He had even died a couple of times and came back to life just like in 1954 and 1984 and thats the movies I can think of that he died and in the sequalls he came back to life. He even took 3 kaijus down at the same time! I think there is more but I am not going to say anymore. If browley goes in hime godzilla would kill hime cuz if he is using his atomic breath the heat would kill and burn him. The main idea is Godzilla would win this is not an opinion

      • I prefer to call him Brocalli and I think you’re not thinking about the difference in speed. Broly could destroy Godzilla many times over in an instant with his speed and destructive Power.

      • No…….. He is fast in the zone fighter series. If he can be killed many and many times, He will always come back. Godzilla is imortal. He even survived a worm hole twice in one movie. He even survived a astroid which made alot more damage than the hiroshima bombing. Soory, but Godzilla wins.

      • I accept the apology, but I still don’t think Godzilla stands a chance here. I could probably outrun him if I was in a really good Toyota. He is durable, but he won’t be able to handle a barrage of Broly punches. Lets face the facts, Broly is one of the strongest guys out there

      • Even if browly might have more of a chance of winning, Think about his burning form. It could be too late fore browly and he would be burnt to crisp. Remember in Godzilla vs Destroyah, if the humins could not stop him, he would die and destroy the whole world with an giant explosion.

      • Yeah Broly has been able to take Vegeta and Goku in SSJB together and has been able to take a punishment from Gogeta, while Godzilla was be able to take down Destroyah and Ghidorah.

      • Yeah and when you consider that all of the Godzilla Kaiju could team up and not lay a scratch on Godzilla, it is quite telling for the match

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