Mothra vs Indiana Jones

Well I’m afraid that Indiana Jones actually can’t beat Mothra. It’s pretty disturbing for Mothra, but she’ll have to live with it. Mothra actually gets to win her own match. Of course that means she’ll have to drop soon. Mothra wins.


16 thoughts on “Mothra vs Indiana Jones

    • Yeah fans get to pick which matches I do, but I decide who wins. And the reason Mothra will get a loss is because eventually everyone gets losses except for “high aboves”

      • Oh God. You have FANS.

        Hey fans, whoever you are, you guys are just as bad as dreager1.

        Anyhoo, if they get to pick the matches, explain the reasoning behind “Yeah, I just needed to get him to 10 wins and dropping characters I don’t like at the same time”. I hardly think “fans” want to see Sigma fight ordinary schoolgirls.

      • No you don’t. You say “X is too powerful, Y doesn’t have the skills”. That’s not a reason, that’s you being a dumb fanboy.

      • Maybe when the planets align, the eclipse happens, hell freezes over, pigs grow wings and fly, the Rapture happens, the demons of hell run amock upon the earth while the angels battle them IN DDR, while the Elite Beat Agents help the heavenly warriors because they’re that awesome, the cure for cancer and AIDS is found, and we meet alien life forms, all of this happening AT THE SAME EXACT NANOSECOND, your inteligence increaces… to a normal human being.

        …Seriously, get some fair matchups on. And appropriate descriptions for each one unless they’re horribly unbalanced. For this one, you could say the following…

        “Guys, this is a creature that fights Godzilla. Indiana Jones, while cool, is an Archeologist. I don’t need to go any further. Mothra wins. Now next time, it’s Pump Man vs Bubbleman!”

        There, it’d be acceptable. However, when you do this EVERY TIME, and set up Bass.exe against girls from music animes just to boost their numbers, it gets to the point where you look pants on head… erm, bad

      • Well this was a request fight. Which means I do it, and if it’s unfair at least you agree that I picked the right guy

      • What we do not agree on, however, is that you fail at writing matchup reports. My friend could do a better job at this. I did a better job. You think ‘Rule of Cool’ applies to a fight. It doesn’t. you think Anime is better than everything. It isn’t. you think Bass.EXE, a computer program that’s locked into the internet, can beat anything you can throw against him. He can’t. I know you’re a raving, drooling fanboy. Am I wrong? Prove me wrong. For your next matchup, spend more than 2 minutes on it, subtracting the time for searching for an appropriate picture, and put effort into it. Write out both side’s strengths and weaknesses. Give us a comprehensive list of why one side would lose and why the other would win. Don’t just go ‘X is too powerful for y, X wins’.

      • What, I always do that. Not to toot my own horn, But I may be the best Blogger of our time! As for Bass just go read the manga somewhere. It’s online you know

      • Best blogger? Seriously? You think your matchups actually make a good blog? If anyone comes on here, it’s to laugh at your idiodicy, mock your poor matchups, or rage at how little research you do. Or maybe you know this? Considering no one can contact you except through comments, things you can delete whenever youwant, there’s little way to critisize you. Are you running away from this? Are you honestly thinking you’re good at this? Because you’re wrong. If anyone’s laughing, they’re laughing at you. That’s why most of your fans are on here.

      • Again I don’t want to brag, But I am not only the best blogger of our time, I am quite possibly the best ever. Though I don’t like to brag, I just had to let you have it straight. Also I have nearly 700,000 Views now.

      • And all of them are laughing their head off at your stupidity, mocking your horrible matchup skills, or wanting to punch you in the face. YOu’d get less views the moment you decided to be mature because that’s all that keeps people here. So they can mock you.

        You’re not the best blogger. You waste everyone’s time. I”m wasting my time in a futile attempt to make you see sense. Yet I try anyway, hoping for some miracle.

      • I don’t know. I mean I’m so popular I even have my own Youtube Page. Also you might want to check it out, because I turn these fights into videos so you could see exactly how the fight would go. Also aside from being the best blogger I have a 100% Accuracy Ratio. No fight has ever been wrong. Pretty Cool Huh

      • Oh hey, I have my own youtube page too! So does everyone and their dog!

        You do not have 100% accuracy. If anything, it’s because you have horribly unbalancedm atchups and constantly side with one person because you like them more and your’e a raving fanboy. Give me an actual match, properly exlpained and everything and don’t justk ill off characters you dislike. Give them a moment to shine too. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean it’s good. It’s opinion. Just like how just because something is cool, doesn’t mean it should be used or taken seriously.

      • Hmmmmm, Cool you have a youtube page. Well if it helps when I decided this blog was 100% accurate I did it for the fans. Now think about this next part hard. I didn’t always want to be the best blogger. It just sort of happened, and I said “You know what being the best is kinda Cool ever since then the word cool means a lot to me. BTW that story was about 40% accurate. Cool huh

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