Yajirobe vs Godzilla

Godzilla has atomic breath and with it he can burn many characters in one shot. Of course Yajirobe has beams and sword skills that surpass Godzilla’s super strength. Yajirobe wins.

4 thoughts on “Yajirobe vs Godzilla

      • His strength is 970, even lower than Gohan when he trained for a year with Piccolo.

        Yajirobe’s sword cannot slice through Godzilla body, the sword isn’t strong or long enough.
        Yajirobe ranks at the bottom of the DBZ world.

      • Yes, he’s at the bottom teir in DBZ world. DBZ world is extremely powerful! 970 is still enough to fight with some of the better Marvel/DC characters! His sword would pierce thanks to it’s power mixed with Yajirobe’s

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